Only Mine

This story is about how Ramisha's boyfriend broke her heart. She was levying but her car got hit she got out of the car and saw a dent (she wasn't driving yet). Can anything els get worse for her? Looks like it might but she met some star between the crash who payed for a new car and it looks like there's going to be a future for this story. At least some certain boy feels that way.


13. Confirm

    Harry's P.O.V.

I'm in the hospital, STILL IN THE WAITING ROOM! I see the doctor come up to me and says,

"You Harry?" "Yes?" I said waiting for the news."Is she alright?" I said worried. "She's fine but she keeps yelling Harry, Harry!" He said while looking through his papers. I tarted blushing, she was screaming my name, that's so sweet! "Can I go see her now?" I said waiting impatiently "Oh, yes of course!" He said, I think he forgot. I run into the room. 

"Are you okay? Babe, talk, Harry, Harry!!" I tried but nothing. I see her eyes opening slowly and my heart was so relieved. "Harry?" She said confused. "What am I doing in a hospital!" She said looking around. I told her everything and said she's getting me back.

"Oh, I can't wait!" I said while winking.

   Ramisha's P.O.V.

Harry's such a cheeky boy! I him so much. OKAY! Confession time, I love Harry, i'm afraid he won't love me back so I haven't told, I need the right time!

"Ramisha?" He said looking into my eyes. " Yes Harry.... Is there something wrong?" I said looking confused. "Um....never mind." he said while playing with my hand. "Harry....Tell me!" I said looking with my puppy dog eyes and I think I cracked him. "I wanted to say, today made me feel more closer to you, I-I Love Y-Y-You." He said and my draw dropped. It was the perfect moment to tell him. "I love you too, Harry" I say smiling. "Harry, I heard the doctors say that i was going to stay for tonight, are you gonna be alright tonight?" I asked him looking in his eyes. "Oh, I'm staying the night with you then. I don't want you out of my sight. I will eventually have to go on tour, bu-" I cut Harry off and said,"I know we will FaceTime,Skype and call each other, right?" I asked Harry. Harry didn't agree and so I got confused. "I want you to come on tour with me, the other boys are bringing there girlfriends and I thought you would come with me." Harry said to me while smiling. I didn't what to say but the words came out of me very quickly, "YES! I would love to!"I said surprisingly. "I have to ask my dad if he'll be okay with it and okay alone though. It's been rough on him the last few months so i'll try to squish it in. Harry, one more question." I said to Harry as he looked up at me and replied," Yes" "Are you going to tell?" I said waiting for the answer.

"Tell what?" He said in a confused look. GOSH, Harry can be stupid sometimes. "Tell the world that you're mine! Officially." I said looking at him waiting patiently. "I thought you didn't want to tell the world about us." Harry replied looking confused. "It doesn't matter, at least girls would know to stay off of you." I said smiling, Harry giggled and replied, "Then yes, I will, For us."

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