" Im in LOVE whith your sister >.<

"this story is about me Flora Styles yes you might recognize my name from somewhere, im Harry Styles twin sister ! well probably you thin my life is perfect, no I have a lot of fake friends who use me to get to my brother {so cauld FAKE FRIENDS} so I never actually go out that much until my mom said I spent to much time in the house so she shipped me off whith harry and the lads on tour for 2years. well until I met one of his band bates with a cute irish accent I knew I was in love..<3 read to find out!!


2. harry arive

{next day}

i  was sleeping until i herd my mum yell from down stairs

mum; "Flora hurry your brother and the boys are here!"

i got up and put on my white small shorts and my blue tank tope harry send me for my bday last year and my blue vans i combed my my hair and lightly i put on my eye liner. i got down stairs were my mum was standing whith my brother and 3 other boys.

"flora!! " i herd harry yell while i was getting down stairs we didn't talk for a year after we had a fight about my ex boyfriend

"harry." i said seriouse "ived missed you so much little sister" he said "me too." i replied

"you haven't meet the lads" he said. "yea i haven't" i relpyed

"hello im liam" a cut light skinned boy with brown eyes and bieber hair said to me. "hello liam" i said as i blushed. "hello im Louis" another boy said  "hello Louis" i replyed and so on we went their was liam, Louis, and zany. "wait arnt we missing someone?" liam said. "Niall!!" harry screamed. everyone was freaking out. when we herd a voice say "chill guys, i was hungry so i went to Louis flat and grabed a burger!" he said proudly. he came up to me and said "hello their, im niall who are you?" he asked me i blushed and said "nice to meet you niall, im flora harry twin sister" i said "im sorry mum but paul said we got to go know" harry said "ok honey take care of your sister and you to flora" she said. "ok mum we love you" we said and left

NIall por.

the whole ride back to the flat i couldn't help just bye looking at flora she was so pretty she had those beautiful straight hair nothing like harrys curls. and i also spot liam staring at he i bet he liked her too. zany had a girlfriend perrie and so did Louis he had Eleanor. i just had to get flora i just did.

Flora por.

the whole way to the flat naill and Liam were staring at me i tried to act like i didn't notice but i couldn't they were so cut and adorable any ways they both were single so was harry, zany was with perrie and Louis was with Eleanor.

harry por.

the whole ride i noticed niall and liam looking at flora i wanted to tell them she was off the hook and that i didn't want another boy to break her heart. ugh but she looked so pretty im meen like in a sister way but i also wanted her to be happy and find that somebody special in her life.


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