" Im in LOVE whith your sister >.<

"this story is about me Flora Styles yes you might recognize my name from somewhere, im Harry Styles twin sister ! well probably you thin my life is perfect, no I have a lot of fake friends who use me to get to my brother {so cauld FAKE FRIENDS} so I never actually go out that much until my mom said I spent to much time in the house so she shipped me off whith harry and the lads on tour for 2years. well until I met one of his band bates with a cute irish accent I knew I was in love..<3 read to find out!!


1. introduction

Flora por.

well as you know im flora styles, harry styles sister you might think my life is awesome , cool, exiting, but no my life is beyond that. I have a lot of fake friends wich only use me to get to my brother and the lads so aventually I never go out. until my mom reseaved a call from my brother.

moms por.

well i was in the living room until i herd my ringtone go off so i got out the couch and saw the id name it was harry.

mom; "hello"

harry; "hey mom how are you doing?"

mom; "fine honey how about you?"

harry; "great im going on tour next week!"

mom; "that's great honey."

harry; "mom, whats wrong you sound worry?"

mom; "im fine honey its your sister"

harry; "whats wrong whith flora? is she ok? did something happened? mom tell me"

mom; "no honey its that she always in the house never goes out and i was thinking maybe she could go on tour with you and the lads if that's ok whith you and the boys and paul though?"

harry; "that will be great mom! ived missed flora a lot this pass two years, ill ask paul and the boys if its fine with them and call you later"

mom; "ok honey take care"

harry; " ill call you later and tell flora i said hey"

harrys por.

i was so happy my baby sister was going to come on tour with me and the lads! we haven't seen each other ever sence a year ived missed her so much but time to ask paul if she can.

harry; "hey paul can i ask you a favor?"

paul; "ohh no harry what did you do this time?"

harry; "im seriouse paul its a big favor"

paul; " ok harry what is it?"

harry: "my mum is worried about my sister flora she asked if she can stay whhith us for 2years?"

paul; "shuhr it will be good for the boys and us, tell your mum that ur sister is welcomed!"

harry; "thaks paul!!!!"

Flora por.

well my mum was on the phone whith harry for a awful long time. i was about to ask here wat was up but then her phone went off so i waited. i herd my mom was so happy so i asked her after she got thrue on the phone.

me: "mom whats wrong why so happy all of a sudden?"

mum; "your going on tour whith your brother for two years!"

me; "what mum why?"

mum; "wait your not happy?"

me; " of course i am but mom how cum im going?"

mum; "ived dissided that klike your in the house a lot and never go out that it will do you good to go out on tour whith your brother and the lads so pack up your brother and the boys are getting here tomorrow and your leaving in three days"

ugh i caint believe my mom sending me off whith my brother and some boys i don't know yet.

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