One Direction Imagines

If you want to have your own IMAGINE, I need you name, hair color, eye color, the boy you want to be with, and the scene.


4. Elizabeth and Harry

Elizabeth's P.O.V.

I'm walking down the beach on a warm summer night. Suddenly, I hear screams and shouts. I turn and see hoards of screaming girls. What were they screaming about? I ran under the boardwalk to avoid being trampled. I watched as the girls chased some boys. Who were they? I saw one point to the boardwalk and run, the others following. The girls, so engulfed in screaming and running, didn't notice them sneak away. I turned and saw the boys walking my way. I stood up and walked towards them. ''Hello.'' I shyly said. ''Well hello there love.'' I heard in a British accent. I looked up to see One Direction standing in front of me. ''What's your name.'' Liam asked. ''I-I-I'm Elizabeth.'' I managed to stutter out. ''Well, we're One Direction.'' they said in unison. I began breathing heavily. ''Are you all right?'' Harry asked. I shook my head. He took my hand and walked away from the boys. ''It's okay.'' He told me rubbing my back. I began to calm down a little. ''See? It's alright.'' he said. I sat down and he did too. ''What brings you here?'' he asked. ''Well, I was casually walking on the beach, and a thousand or so screaming girls invaded.'' I told him. He chuckled, ''Me too.'' I inched closer to him. His arm wrapped around my shoulder, sending chills through my body. I carefully placed my head on his shoulder. ''You're really pretty Elizabeth.'' he said, running his fingers through my brown hair. I looked up to see him gazing down at me. I blushed, ''Thank you.'' he smiled and kissed my forehead. Then, made his way down my cheeks, stopping at my lips, ''You really are.'' he whispered before passionately kissing me. Then, he planted a few small kisses on my neck, before we returned to the others.

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