First Chance

It's their first chance.......


3. Exam Week

It's Monday morning and everyone has Exams this week.

"Bye mom!" cKenzie says as she goes out the door. Her mom has the flu so Ethan is taking her to school this morning.

"Hey." Ethan says as McKenzie puts her stuff in the back of his car. "Hey. I am so tired!" McKenzie replies.

Ethan chuckles "Dido!"

They get to school and go into the library to study. Once the bell rings, McKenzie starts toward her locker and runs into May, a girl in chorus with her. "Hey McKenzie. How was your break?" May askes.

"It was good. I spent the day with a friend and got Starbuck's on the last day. I wish we would have got it this morning though!" May smiles.

"I know! Well, I gotta get to class- see you in class girl!" McKenzie waves goodbye and goes to Study Hall.

After Study Hall- McKenzie takes her Bioliogy exam while Ethan is in Modern Global studies. When McKenzie gets to the Chorus room she changes into a sports bra and dance shorts, then eats her lunch.

"I'll be right back, I am gonna go get some water." McKenzie says. "Wait, just one second! I will come with you, I have to go to the bathroom." Blake says, but she is already out the door.

Blake goes out the room for a second, but comes back in. "Guys, you have to come see McKenzie and this guy!"

They hurry over to the door and spy on Ethan and McKenzie talking.

"Hey! Are you in Chorus right now?" Ethan askes, seeing her sports bra.

"Oh yeah. I was just getting water." McKenzie says.

"Well, I was wondering if this afternoon you wanted to go the library to study?" Ethan smiles.

"Sounds good!"

"I won't keep you from Chorus, I will see you this afternoon!" Ethan hugs McKenzie and leaves.

"She's coming! Go! Go! Go!" Blake rushes back to the risers. "You know, I could hear you all whispering while we were talking." McKenzie laughes at them.

"Who was THAT?!" Payton askes. "Nobody."

"That wasn't 'nobody'..." Blake smirks. "His name is Ethan. He goes to my church and we have started hanging out a little since break." McKenzie says.

"You say his name like it's nothing. Anything else we should know about? Has he kissed you?"

"Once on the cheek. But we are just friends, nothing is going on." McKenzie quickly says.

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