First Chance

It's their first chance.......


2. Day Together

The next morning, McKenzie got up at 7:30 a.m.

She took a shower, shaved, brushed her teeth, and washed her face. Brittany came over to her room and helped her pick out a thick, white sweater with blue jeans and a burgendy, flowery scarf.

Brittany curled her soft, brown hair and did a light brown smoky eye on her eyelids.

"Have a good time with Ethan. You look amazing hon." Brittany hugs McKenzie. "McKenzie! Ethan's here!" McKenzie and Brittany's mom calls up the stairs.

Brittany smiles. McKenzie spritzes on body mist and grabs her red purse.

"Hey! Ready to go?" Ethan says. "Yeah." McKenzie smiles.

"Hi there, Ethan." McKenzie's dad comes in the living room. "Hi, Mr.Wood. I am just taking McKenzie out for the day and maybe to hang out with my family." Ethan says.

"Okay. Cool, have a good time you two!" McKenzie's dad says as they walk outside. Ethan goes around the car and opens McKenzie's door for her. "Thank you." McKenzie smiles.

"Do you want to turn on the radio?" Ethan askes. "Sure!" McKenzie turns it on K95 and turns the volume up.

"Don't you wanna stay here a little while!" Ethan belts, leaning over to McKenzie. She bursts out laughing. "Oh my, No!" McKenzie laughes. "I am embarrassed FOR you!" she smiles.

"Well then, you should sing it with me!" Ethan smiles. "No. No. No." McKenzie laughes.

"Awh, come on. Please?" Ethan smiles.

"Don't you wanna stay here a little while. Don't you wanna hold each other tight." McKenzie sings and Ethan smiles.

They get to Starbuck's and order white chocolate mochas. Ethan picks a table and they sit down.

"So, are you excited about WinterJam in a week?" Ethan askes. "I am, but I have my West Virginia trip with Chorus then I actually get home that Sunday morning. So I HAVE to sleep."

They finish their coffee and leave Starbuck's. Once they get to Ethan's, McKenzie puts her jacket away in Ethan's room and they go back downstairs to find Ethan's parents.

"Hi McKenzie. How are you?" Ethan's mom askes. "I'm good, do you need help with those groceries?"

"Oh, thank you. If it wouldn't be a bother, yes." Ethan's dad smiles.

Ethan and McKenzie help with the groceries and cook lunch.

"Come here." Mckenzie says. Ethan comes over and McKenzie holds up a spoon out of the pan. "Mm. Very good, chef." Ethan says, and mistakingly kisses McKenzie's cheek.

"Oh, I'm sorry. It just happened. I just made you uncomfortable." Ethan says, apoligizing.

McKenzie smiles "It's okay."















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