First Chance

It's their first chance.......


1. Ethan and McKenzie

"Hey McKenzie!" Ethan said, coming into the youth room on Wednesday. McKenzie is already in there sitting in one of chairs with a notebook. Ethan comes over and sits beside her. "So what's up? How has your week been?" Ethan askes.

"Pretty good, actually! I have been hanging out with my friend Molly creating new dances for her step team. How have you been?"

"I have been good. Kind of out of it since Kaylan came home- all of the unpacking and everything." Ethan smiles.

McKenzie chuckles, closes her notebook, and gets up. "Where are you going?" Ethan askes watching her get up. "Just turning down the heat. Haha." she smiles.

Youth starts and everyone plays a different version of telephone, watches their devotional and does small groups. Afterwards Ethan comes back in the youth room and goes over to McKenzie, standing with her phone out.

"Hey Ethan. I was just about to text my mom to come get me." McKenzie smiles. "I could take you home, if you want." Ethan suggests.

"No, I couldn't ask you to do that." McKenzie says. "Who said you asked me, I want to do it!"

After getting home, McKenzie drops her stuff in her room and goes to wash her face. "Hey! I thought mom was suppossed to bring you home. Who brought you?" Brittany, McKenzie's sister askes.

"Yeah. I was about to text her after youth, but Ethan drove me home." McKenzie says. "Ethan? The Ethan?" Brittany jokes.

"Would you stop! He isn't 'the' Ethan." McKenzie swats her with a rag. "Oh you know I don't believe THAT for a second! He is head over heels for you!"

"Oh whatever! Goodnight." McKenzie says. She throws back the covers, but then her phone lights up.

'1 MISSED CALL' it says.

"Hey McKenzie. It's Ethan , listen I was wondering if I could pick you up tomorrow and us spend the day sort of out and about. What do ya' say? Just call me or text me back and I will pick you up at 10 if that's good. Bye." the voicemail shuts off, and McKenzie smiles.

"And THAT was nothing? If it was- I want to know what sometimes IS!" brittany says, standing in the doorway.

"Go away!" McKenzie says. She texts Ethan back, saying it sounds good. He texts back a couple minutes later.

'Good night:) xx'






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