The End

When the world ends, will Layla and Dylan be able to survive on their own? They haven't found any water in days, and their food selection is scarce. They need to find help, before their time is up. When they meet up with five boys from the fire, will they be able to survive together? Or will hell find them first? So far, hell is winning.


25. Spot On

Layla's POV:

"I'm close with him, too. I love Dylan. He wanted to be like me and Kyle. It never happened until Kyle left for the war though." I replied. "That's tough. Anyways...I'm sorry for thinking that of you. You're so much better than that." He said. I looked down at the ground again, admiring the worn out shoes I was wearing, desperately trying to change the subject. "I said I'm sorry." He said again. "I forgive you. I just...," I paused, "I don't want you to picture me like that." "It was a mistake to picture you like that. And trust me when I say this, I see so much more in you, Layla. I can't believe I actually thought of you like that." He said. I picked my head up, looking him directly in the eye. "It's ok, Harry. I'm sorry I thought of you the way I did, too. You deserve to be thought of as someone who's protective yet...fragile. Do you see where I'm going with this?" I asked. He put a confused look on his face. "You're strong on the outside, you'll put up a fight if you're threatened to do so, but words can still hurt you, they'll still tear you down. You're protective of others, the people you love, and when someone says something about someone you love, it hurts you too, but you don't show it, you come off stronger and more powerful than you really are. You can act like you need no one but yourself to take care of you, and you only need to take care of what you love and not yourself, but we all know that you'd like to be loved and protected in return." I explained. He looked at me, eyes locked on mine, giving me a slightly uncomfortable feeling. "You're the perfect example of what every girl wants. You ARE what every girl wants." I added. He still looked at me, the corners of his mouth slowly forming a smile. "That's spot on, love." He grinned. He walked closer to me, draping an arm over my shoulder. We started walking back towards the group.

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