The End

When the world ends, will Layla and Dylan be able to survive on their own? They haven't found any water in days, and their food selection is scarce. They need to find help, before their time is up. When they meet up with five boys from the fire, will they be able to survive together? Or will hell find them first? So far, hell is winning.


35. Sick

Harry's POV:

I woke up next to Layla. She was breathing deeply, sound asleep. I softly

climbed out of bed and headed to the kitchen and got some of the cereal left

over. I took a handful and put some in a bowl for Layla. I heard footsteps

coming from down the hall. "Is Layla ok?" Ali asked. I forgot she lived here. "I

thought you were with Niall." I said. "Not tonight. I went to bed early." She

said. "Oh." I replied. "You never answered my question. Is Layla ok?" She asked

again. I shook my head, "I don't know. She should be now. She's a mess," I

sighed, "I'm worried about her." I said. "Me too." She walked towards me. "Mind

getting me some?" She asked. "Sure." I said and handed some cereal to her. There

was a knock on the door, and I opened it to see everyone. I let them all in and

offered them cereal. "Where's Layla?" Perrie asked. "She's still sleeping." I

answered. "Rough night?" Louis asked. I nodded. Everyone walked over to the

living room and made themselves comfy on the couch. "So, what happened?"

Danielle asked. I let out a sigh and explained everything. "She's still asleep?"

Niall asked. "It's almost 12." Eleanor said as she looked at her watch. "You

should go check on her." Liam added. I stood up and jogged down the hall to her

bedroom. "Layla?" I whispered. I heard her snore a little and walked over to the

bed. She was still sound asleep. I kissed her head and walked back to the group.

"Is she ok?" Zayn asked. "She's still sleeping." I said. "We need to find

something to do. We can't just sit here everyday and live like this." Perrie

said. "In my apartment there's a ton of sports things." Niall said. "Mine has

makeup!" Eleanor stated. "We have a lot of things to do!" Danielle cheered. We

all laughed at her enthusiasm. "I'll be right back I need to go to the

bathroom." I stated and stood up. I walked to the bathroom and closed the door.

Gripping the counter, I started thinking about everything. Layla wasn't ok. I'm

not ok. Nothing's ok. Of course everyone else is, but not for me. Not for Layla.

I heard coughing coming from Layla's bedroom and rushed in there. "Layla?" I

asked bursting through the door. She was sitting up in bed, her face was pale.

She was coughing like crazy. I rushed over to her and sat down in front of her,

attempting to calm her down. "Layla what's wrong? Are you sick?" She shrugged

her shoulders and continued to cough. "Do you feel ok?" She shook her head. I

started to panic and asked her a million questions. "Calm down." She managed to

get out. "You're coughing up a lung!" I said. She continued to cough, they

continued to grow louder and louder. "What's going on?!" Ali shrieked. I whipped

my head towards them, a scared facial expression on my face. I shrugged my

shoulders as they all rushed over to Layla. "Layla what's wrong?" Eleanor asked.

Layla let out a loud cough and shrugged. "Do you feel sick?" Perrie asked. Layla

nodded. I put my head in my hands and closed my eyes. This is just what I need.

"Lay down." Niall said. Layla tried but the coughing got worse. She sat up

again, gasping for air. "I...I don't know what to do." I said. Danielle rested

her hand on my shoulder, "We'll help you." I looked up at everyone as they

nodded. "Thanks." I sighed. Layla's coughing continued to get worse. "I'll get

her some water." Zayn said. He came back with a water bottle and made Layla

drink it. Her coughing finally stopped and she sighed. "Are you ok?" Danielle

asked sitting down next to her. Layla nodded, "Ya..." She croaked. "Your voice

is almost gone." Eleanor giggled. Layla smiled and tried to laughed. Everyone

laughed at her, including herself.  "I sound pathetic." She croaked. "You're

sick, that's normal." Niall said. She smiled. "Thanks." She said. "We're here to

help you." Liam said. Everyone left the room, leaving Layla and I alone. "What

happened?" I asked her. She shook her head, "I don't know." "Are you sick?" I

asked. "Probably." She croaked. "How do you feel?" I asked laying her down and

scooting over next to her. "A little better." She said. "On a scale of 1-10, how

bad is it?" I asked. "I don't know...7,8?" She said. "What else hurts?" I asked.

"My throat, my head, my stomach..." She hesitated, "everything." I placed my

hand on her forehead. "You're warm." I said. She closed her eyes and moaned.

"What's wrong?" I asked, "What hurts?" She raised her hand up to her head and

squeezed her eyes tight. "I feel terrible." She moaned. "I know. You'll be ok."

I promised. "Is there any Advil or something in the bathroom?" She asked. I

called Perrie to help and she brought some Advil. Layla gulped it down and laid

back down. "I'll be in the other room ok?" I asked her. She nodded and closed

her eyes. "Call me if you need me." I told her. "Ok." She sighed and snuggled

into the blanket. I kissed her head and walked into the other room. "How is

she?" Everyone was curious. "Sick. She's really sick. I don't know what to do."

I sighed and put my head in my hands. "She'll be ok."

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