The End

When the world ends, will Layla and Dylan be able to survive on their own? They haven't found any water in days, and their food selection is scarce. They need to find help, before their time is up. When they meet up with five boys from the fire, will they be able to survive together? Or will hell find them first? So far, hell is winning.


2. Losing Her Forever

"What was that?!" I gasped, gripping onto Dylan. He moved me to the front of him and wrapped his arms around me protectively. "This way, c'mon." He said, the five boys following. "Help!!" A girls voice boomed through the burnt buildings and scorched bricks. "Dani!! Dani where are you?!" Liam yelled running towards the fresh smoke. "Zayn!!! Zayn hurry!!!" Another girl called. "Perrie!!! Perrie I'm coming!!!" Zayn said running away. "Where's El?!" Louis gasped following them. "C'mon..." Dylan said grabbing my hand as we walked over to them. "LOUIS!!!" Liam yelled. "LOUIS!!!!!" "What's wrong?! Where's El?!?!" He screamed. Once we all got to the sight it took all I had not to puke right then and there. There were two girls next to Zayn and Liam, one with purple hair and another with gorgeous curls. "Louis?" I'm guessing her name was Eleanor, she was sprawled out on the ground, a hole was formed from a bullet right where her heart was kept. I felt my heart pounding against my chest, feeling as if it was about to burst out. I slowly backed away from Dylan and ran into the bakery. I hid in the corner trying to get the sight out of my head. Louis' face was full of sadness and shock, and Eleanor was...I can't. Her two friends looked terrified, and the rest of the boys were freaked out too. I felt sick and nauseous, but I knew throwing up right in front of them wasn't the answer, so I ran into the bakery and decided to do it there. I heard the front door open and the sound of burnt wood being crushed under the weight of someone's feet. "Are you ok?" Dylan's deep voice boomed through the store. I turned around, wiping the leftover vomit off of my face, "Ya, I'm fine." "It doesn't look like it..." He said raising his eyebrows and gesturing towards the pile of puke on the floor. "Don't tell them!" I said walking past him and out the door, "I don't want them to feel bad." I said turning around to face my brother. "They're all by Eleanor anyways."  Dylan said.  "She's not gonna make it. Is Louis ok?" I asked. "He'll have to get over it. It'll be hard, but once she's gone, she's gone." Dylan said taking my hand and tugging me back towards the boys. "I can't go back over there, want me to puke again?" I said pulling away. "Just stay here, I have to go help them." Dylan said walking away.



Dylan's POV:

"El? El baby c'mon you can't leave me. Please? You're all I have." Louis begged stroking her hair, as fresh, warm tears fell from his flushed cheeks onto her pale face. "No, no El don't, don't close your eyes. Please!" Louis cried as Eleanor slowly closed her eyes and drifted away. "No El!!! Eleanor please!!! NO!!!" Louis bawled, tears falling out of his eyes by the thousands. "She's gone..." He said laying her down and crying over her. The  two girls fell to their knees in shock. Danielle started crying and gasping for air, while Perrie couldn't move at all. Her face was frozen and her hands were trembling. Louis looked miserable, he had just lost the only thing he had.




Hey guys :O) it's Taylor...I really don't know what you guys think of it so until I get some feedback in the comments I'm only gonna update once a day.....XOX

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