The End

When the world ends, will Layla and Dylan be able to survive on their own? They haven't found any water in days, and their food selection is scarce. They need to find help, before their time is up. When they meet up with five boys from the fire, will they be able to survive together? Or will hell find them first? So far, hell is winning.


34. Letting Go

This is one of my favorite chapters :) I feel like you could feel what the characters are feeling. Tell me what you think!



Layla's POV:

I woke up in the middle of the night. I was cold, and scared, and afraid of what

was going to happen to Dylan. I stared at the ceiling, wrapping myself up in a

blanket that was under the bed. I didn't want to take away the covers from

Harry. I started thinking about everything that was going on. My life is

terrible. How am I going to manage to live like this? What am I going to do? I

felt tears start falling down my face. I cried silently, hoping that Harry

wouldn't wake up. "I'll help you." Harry whispered and sat up. I was confused at

first, but then I saw his hand in mine. He heard everything. "I...I'm sorry." I

said and looked up at him. He stroked the top of my hand with his thumb, looking

down at me. I tried to sit up, but he laid me back down. "Relax." He said as he

sat next to me and looked down at me. I put my knees up for him to lean up

against. I closed my eyes and sighed. "It's ok. We can do this. I'm not giving

up, Layla. I need to protect you and help you. You need someone to take care of

you. You need someone to be there for you, and that's what I'm here for. You're

the only thing I have. You really think I'm gonna let you get hurt? You think

I'm gonna let something happen to you?" He asked, "Do you think I'll ever leave

you?" I looked up at him. The light of the moon casted the perfect shadow on his

face, revealing all of his perfect features. "Do you?" He asked again. I shook

my head, trying to hold back more tears. "Cry." He demanded. "W-What?" I asked.

"Cry. Let it all out of you. Make yourself feel better." He explained. I took a

deep breath and let the tears fall, one after the other. Harry stared at me,

watching me sob on the bed. He didn't stop me, he just let it happen. I was

laying on my back  with my knees up. Harry sat to the right of me, his back

leaning up against my knees. He continued to let me cry as he sat emotionless.

It felt like hours until I started to calm down. He shook his hair and looked

back at me. "Feel better?" He asked. I nodded softly as he laid down again, but

closer to me this time. He rolled over and wrapped an arm around my waist. I was

laying on my back, him on his side. I turned my head and looked at him.

"Everything's going to be ok, alright? I'm here for you." He said. I rolled onto

my side so I could look at him. He locked eyes with me and kissed my forehead.

"I love you, Layla. And I'll never stop." He said. "I love you, too." I shakily


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