The End

When the world ends, will Layla and Dylan be able to survive on their own? They haven't found any water in days, and their food selection is scarce. They need to find help, before their time is up. When they meet up with five boys from the fire, will they be able to survive together? Or will hell find them first? So far, hell is winning.


1. Figures From The Smoke

Layla's POV:

It's the morning of December 23, everything was gone in my part of town, burned down by the deadly fire the world had brought to us. The only thing I had was my older brother, Dylan, who's 19. Thank God he was here with me. I don't think I'd be able to survive without his loyal companionship. I'm only 16, I'll be 17 tomorrow. "You ok?" I heard Dylan's voice echo behind me. "Why did we survive? Why couldn't mom and dad survive, and the twins, they didn't make it either. Why us, Dylan? We haven't seen anyone since the world ended, we haven't seen one single person. Not one.We're the only ones." I said sitting down on a piece of burnt brick and taking out a cracker. "We were lucky." He said sitting down next to me and wrapping his arm around my lower back. "What was that?" I said jumping up. "What was what?" Dylan asked. "Footsteps! I heard footsteps!!!" I started running towards the small bakery around the corner, which luckily still has food in there. "Dylan!!!" I yelled beckoning for him to follow me. "Layla no ones there..." He said rolling his eyes. I scrunched my eyebrows together and squinted my eyes for a better look through some of the thick smoke. I saw five,tall, dark figures walking towards me. "Dylan..." I hesitated starting to back away from the figures. "Dylan!!!" I yelled again turning around and running straight into mybrother. "Calm down...I'll go take a look." You stayed close behind him and followed him into the smoke. "Who are you?" Dylan asked as the five figures showed their silhouettes again. They walked closer as Dylan and I backed away out of the smoke. The figures came closer to the end of the smoke and I could start making out the colors of their worn out clothes and their ratted hair and dirty faces. "Hi." Dylan said as they were fully out of the smoke and staring at the two of us, three holding big backpacks and the other two holding bags of food. "Who are you?" Dylan asked again. "I'm Liam, this is Niall..." He said pointing to a blonde boy. "This is Louis, Zayn, and the last one is-" I cut him off. "Harry." I said. "So you've heard of us?" Zayn asked. "My little sisters were huge fans." I said feeling tears form in the back of my eyes, "they had posters up everywhere. They wouldn't shut up, they'd always talk about you guys and show me pictures of you from tumblr and Instagram. They'd write fanfics and spend every day on twitter stalking you guys. When Liam followed them they practically died. You were their everything..." I said, "and they were mine." I said under my breath. "Sorry for your loss." Niall said taking out a water bottle and gulping some down. "Y-you have water?!" Dylan gasped. "W-where did you find it?!" I followed. "We have tons." Louis said taking a giant pack out of his backpack. "Want some?" He said handing us two bottles. Both Dylan and I quickly scrambled to grab them and chugged them both down in seconds. "Thank you." Dylan said gratefully. "Where are you headed?" Harry asked grinning at me as I hid behind Dylan. "Lake Michigan." Dylan said asking them to come with us, "We're better off as a group." "Wait! We have to wait for the girls." Liam said. There was the sound of a bullet flying out of a gun to the right and two ear piercing screams.

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