The End

When the world ends, will Layla and Dylan be able to survive on their own? They haven't found any water in days, and their food selection is scarce. They need to find help, before their time is up. When they meet up with five boys from the fire, will they be able to survive together? Or will hell find them first? So far, hell is winning.


12. Again


Layla's POV:

Another dream. More and more kept coming. I felt myself sweating and panting. I

was shaking so much, and I had a death grip on something, but I'm not sure what

it was. The man had me tied up. I was trapped in a room, I turned to my right

and saw Harry trying to get in through the window, and to my left was Dylan. He

was trying to untie me without getting caught. "H-help me." I croaked, but no

one in the world would've been able to understand it. I coughed and blood

splattered all over Dylan's face, but he didn't move. "He's coming!" Harry

shouted through the window. Two shots and Dylan was gone. I was handcuffed to

the wall. Harry was trying so hard to get in. I was fidgeting trying to get out

of his reach. His hands were slowly gliding down into his pocket. He pulled out

a knife and held it against my throat. "No!" Harry screamed, but it was too

late. I was gone. I sat up again, the same time Harry did. "Again?!" I gasped.

"You were tied up, and he killed Dylan, and he took out a knife and slit your

throat. I was by the widow and-" I cut him off. "Again." I said. He looked down

at our hands. "Why's my hand all bruised up?" He asked. "Sorry..." I blushed. "I talk

and fidget in my sleep." "I could tell." He grinned.

"It must be when we hold hands. We have the same dreams." Harry said, his face

serious. "'s only nightmares though." I said. "It's only happened

twice. We're probably only having nightmares because that's what we're thinking

about. We have to think about happier things." He said. "We'll try tomorrow." I

said wiping my eyes. "Why not now? Everyone's still sleeping." He suggested. "I

guess." We laid down and closed our eyes. Happy thoughts were going through my

head. My family, my sisters, Dylan. I started to dream again. I was running

towards a waterfall. There was a picnic set up and I was wearing the most

gorgeous dress I've ever seen. Every turn I made, the sequins sparkled in a different way.

There were two hands that wrapped around my waist, and a chin rested on my

shoulder. "Hi, beautiful." Harry's voice whispered into my ear. "Hey, handsome." I

grinned. He spun me around and we kissed on the lips. The dream had ended and I

opened my eyes and saw that everyone was still asleep, except Harry.

"Waterfall?" He asked. "Yup." I replied. "Dress?" "Yup." "Kiss?" "Yup." I

answered. "It works. When we hold hands we have the same dreams. That's crazy."

He said, tightening his grasp. "It is..." I said looking up into his eyes. He

started to lean in towards my dry, pale lips. "We should start heading out." I

said turning away, letting go of his hand, and standing up. "Ya....probably." He

said, his voice was full of hurt and sadness. I unlocked the door and Harry

followed me outside. It was silent for a few minutes. I made patterns in the

fresh snow with my shoes. "Why'd you pull away?" He asked, "Why didn't you want

to kiss me?" I looked up at him, his face was pure sadness. "I-I was scared...."

I hesitated. "Of what?" He asked. "Losing you. You losing me. Someone's out to

kill me and we're the only ones left. If we're together, and I get sick, hurt,

or even killed, you'd have no one anymore. I can't hurt you like that. I wanted

to kiss you, but...I don't want you to get hurt." I replied walking towards him

and taking his hands in mine. "I understand. But I'll protect you. I won't let

anything happen to you." He promised stepping closer to me, our bodies inches

away from each others. "I'll think about it. I really do like you Harry..." I

smiled. "I like you, too." He grinned taking one step closer so that our bodies

were touching. "We should probably keep it a secret if it happens though." He

said. "Why?" I asked. "Niall has no one. He'd be the only one." Harry said.

"Dylan doesn't have anyone either." I said pushing up against him some more. My

head fits perfectly underneath his chin. "He chooses to be that way." Harry

said. "How do you know?" I asked. "He told me. He doesn't want anyone in his

life, he said he needed more time to take care of you." Harry said pushing up

against my body harder.

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