Alexis had everything untill her parents died in a fire. She lost everything. all she has is her guitar. But then something changes. Harry hits her with his car. Does he help her? or not know anythings wrong.


4. Leaving

Alexis' POV

When I woke up in the morning I was really confused and I didn't know why I was warm and comfortable. Then I remembered because I tried to stand up but my leg hurt. I limped over to the kitchen and tried to remember how to make tea. After trying for about a half an hour I cheated and made it in the microwave. I just found the tea bags that harry had left out and and warmed up some water. I made one for harry and for myself. I put mine down on the table and then carried Harrys to his door. I didn't know what to do so I knocked. After about a minute Harry opened the door. I was startled and took a step back. I put my head down and handed it to him. I guess you can say I forgot how to act around people. "Oh thank you love." Harry said taking the cup and flashing a quick smile. I smiled back before walking away. Harry followed me and I sat down on the couch and drank my tea. He made breakfast. Waffles. It was so good. "Listen Alexis, today I'm going out shopping with my girlfriend Taylor and...." I cut him off. "Oh okay. well I really must be going anyways. I'm sorry for troubling you..." He cut me off. "No no no! Your not leaving! I was going to say you can stay here while I'm gone. besides we had a deal remember." I nodded. He got up and washed our plates. He got dressed and left. Before he had left he left me with the home phone, emergency numbers, and turned on the TV for me and food for me too eat is in the fridge. All I did was sit around and do nothing but watch some show where these people were getting drunk and having sex for the whole show. I think it was called Jersey Shore. I changed the channel because that show was kind of scaring me. I found this one show. It was a show I watched when I was younger. Sponge Bob. I watched that for a while then went to the fridge and got some grapes. I ate almost all of them. Im not used to having the option of what I can eat. I continued to watch the TV. Suddenly someone knocked on the door. I turned off the TV. They knocked again "Come on Alexis, Its Josh open up!" Who's Josh? I thought. I quietly went to the bathroom and locked the door. I called Harry. "Alexis? Is everything Okay?" He asked. "Theres someone at the door! Who's Josh?" "I sent him to check on you. You can open the door." "okay," I told him to stay on the phone. He did. I slowly opened the door to the bathroom and walked to the door. I slowly opened it. "Hi!" He said. I stepped back a little. I hung up the phone and set it down.

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