Alexis had everything untill her parents died in a fire. She lost everything. all she has is her guitar. But then something changes. Harry hits her with his car. Does he help her? or not know anythings wrong.


2. discovered

Harrys POV

I let them in and we got down to business. Our career had been dying down and we needed something to put us back at the top again. "Boys I told you we need to find an act to work with but you guys didn't even look and...." Then he (our manager) stopped. "What is.." Niall started to say. "SHhhh!" Our manager said. we listened. I heard the soft singing of a girl. It was Alexis. "Who IS that?" the manager said. "That is Alexis Thomas, Amanda and Jack Thomas' daughter. I hit her with my car so I brought her back here." I said. "YOU  HIT HER WITH YOUR CAR!?!?" Liam said. "Let's wait till she gets out. I want to talk to her." Our Manager said.

Alexis' POV

After I fished my shower, which was my first in a while, I dried myself off. I remembered how to braid my hair because my mom had taught me before she died. I braided my hair but it was hard because I haven't brushed my hair in months. First I put on my bra that was about two cup sizes to small so it was extremely uncomfortable. I put on the tee shirt that Harry had given me and the sweat pants. The sweat pants were really to big so I used the strings to tie it close to my body. I turned of the fan and walked out. And when I walked out I saw that there was five more guys there then when I fist got there. I must had hit my head or something. The began to walk over to me and I realized that I was just standing out side the bathroom like an idiot. Harry walked over to me and took my hand and he slowly pulled me over since I was still limping. "Alexis this is Niall, Liam, Louis, Zayn, and our Manager. Guys this is Alexis." They all said hi and I waved. I felt really uncomfortable. "So.. Alexis. If Harry hadn't already told you these boys are in a band called One direction....." The Manager said. I had a blank expression on my face. "Do you know what that is?" He asked. "Um I think I heard of them before." I said. I'd seen posters and things over the past year living on the streets but I'd never actually heard them. Then harry said something to the guys. But I heard, but I don't think I was supposed to. "Shes homeless because her parents died." I looked down and sat down on the couch. I didn't want them knowing. But the boys looked understanding. I just hope they don't treat me differently now. Then Niall said "Should we sing something?" "If you want to." I said quietly. Then they started singing a really Beautiful song. No wonder there famous. "What did you think?" Harry said. "You guys are really good." I said. "So are  you." There manager said. "What?" I asked.

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