Alexis had everything untill her parents died in a fire. She lost everything. all she has is her guitar. But then something changes. Harry hits her with his car. Does he help her? or not know anythings wrong.


5. 5

Alexis' pov

I didn't know what to do or say. I awkwardly walked over to the couch. He kept staring at me. With my surprise he came and sat down next to me. I didn't know what to do or say. I felt like an alien in this strange new universe. Everything was different. People talked to me and acknowledged my existence rather then seeing me starving, glancing at me in disgust, turning there nose up and ignoring the fact that I'm right there. After a year of only talking to a few other homeless people in the Ally, you kind of lose your personality and forget how to properly interact with people. The Ally is an, obviously, an Ally that one saturday of each month a few homeless kids and one adult met up and stood around a metal trash can, with a fire in it, and brought the little food we had and had, what we called, a feast. It was nice. Not much was said there, mostly eating, but I just liked that they didn't look at me as if I was a disgrace. I remember one night when a boy a little younger then me came and he said that he saw me in the  paper. I had taken the paper and read it. They thought I was dead. They thought I was also caught in that fire. I had gotten scared. If they find me they'll surely kill me along with my parents.

"How old are you?" He asked. "Um 17" I responded quietly. I had just turned 17 and I remember my birthday party the Ally threw me. It was nice. Paul, the adult, had bought me a whole sandwich. Just for me. They were the only people that cared about me. Josh nodded. 

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