Alexis had everything untill her parents died in a fire. She lost everything. all she has is her guitar. But then something changes. Harry hits her with his car. Does he help her? or not know anythings wrong.


1. The beginning

Alexis' POV

I dragged my feet in the thick snow as I walked to my usual spot in the Center of London. I put my guitar case down next to me as I sat on a staircase leading to a building in the freezing cold. I put a jar out in front of me to collect money then started to play. I couldn't play for to long though because my fingers became numb. As I was packing up my guitar a woman walked over to me, "Great performance today love. But you should get on going home, theres going to be a nasty storm soon." I nodded. I walked off not knowing where I was going. I decided to go find the shelter home. I walked about five miles in the snow to get there and there was no more rooms. I lost all hope at that point but began to cry realizing what I was going to have to do. I could either have my guitar but freeze to death or sell it and be in a cheap motel for one night and live. I cried as I walked into a pawn shop and sold the last memory of my parents I had. The man saw me crying and said, "well um ya know love, I'll save this for myself for a bit because its not in great condition and you come back when ever you need it." "thank you." I said as the man handed me the money. I had just enough money. The snow was quite thick now. So thick that I couldn't see anything. And not to mention that I was freezing. Wearing nothing but old flip-flops, teared jeans that I had to cut up to my knees because they were too tight.and a filthy torn sweater. I stood at the edge of the side walk and then slowly walked out into the street. but almost half way across I froze. I saw speeding towards me two huge head lights coming straight at me.


Harrys POV

~A few Minutes before~

"Hello?" I said as I answered my cell phone. "Hey Harry, its Niall." Niall said. "Hey I'm on  my way home. I just have to stop at the store to pick up a few things. You and the lads come over in about two hours." "Sure where are you?" He asked me. "I don't know I can't see a thing! I really shouldn't be on the phone. See you in a bit!" I said. I looked down at my phone as I hung up.  I looked back up and all of the sudden saw a person right in front of me I slammed on the breaks. But it was two late. With a thud the person fell. "Shit." I said to myself as I quickly got out of my car. It was a girl who looked about my age. "Oh my god are you all right?!?" I asked leaning down. She quickly stood up. "Ya I'm fine." She said as she turned around and tried to walk away. But she feel. "Your leg is bleeding! let me call the police." I said pulling out the phone. "NO!" She said "I'll be fine." She said getting back up. "Come on. I just hit you with my car and now your leg is bleeding! At least let me take you back to my place to make sure your okay." I said as I grabbed her arm. She stared at me for a moment then nodded her head. I helped her into the passenger seat and rapped her leg in an old towel hoping to slow down the bleeding. We were silent for the whole car ride. When we got to my flat I helped her inside and sat her down on my couch. I went to the bathroom and grabbed some large bandages and some soap and water. "This might sting a little." I said kneeling down. She nodded. She doesn't talk much. I put soap on part of the wet wash cloth and quickly rubbed the dirt out of the wound. The girl made a face. I felt horrible. With the other side of the towel that was only water i washed the soap out then dried it and put the huge bandage on her leg. I had to use three so it covered from her shin to her knee. I stood up and washed my hands. The girl was just sitting there not doing anything. "I'm sorry but I'm afraid I haven't caught your name love." I said sitting down next to her. "Thomas, Alexis Thomas." She said. "Well Alexis, Im Harry Styles." She smiled weakly. She has long messy tangled brown hair and big tired brown eyes. She was extremely skinny, like she hadn't eaten for weeks. Something was wrong. "Would  you like some tea and like a sandwich or something?" I asked. She nodded. I got up and make my favorite tea for both of us but instead of a mug I pored her a bug glass and made a turkey sandwich. I brought it back over. She ate the sandwich super fast. "Wait did you say your last name was Thomas?" I asked. She nodded as she sipped her tea. "Oh thats cool! You have the same last name as Amanda and Jack Thomas, you know, the famous singers. I heard they died in a fire.Did you know them?" Her face turned very serious very fast. "Ya I know them. They were um my...... parents." She said. "Oh my God. I'm so sorry! I didn't know." I said. She smiled a little . "It's fine." She said. Wow I'm certainly not making a great first impression. I thought. I noticed how dirty she looked. I got up and put an old pair of sweatpants and a tee shirt in the bathroom. "Why don't you go take a shower." I said. She nodded and limped into the bathroom. Once I heard the water running I began to clean things up. Then I heard a knock on my door. I completely forgot that the boys and our manager were coming over.


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