To Good To Be True

When Ginny Weasley meets her boy crush Harry Potter she swears they will be married some day.But then he meets Lauren Lopez and she is devastated. In her plan to make Harry jealous she gets a boyfriend (Joey Richter) but her plan doesn't go the ways she wanted it to , is she really falling in love with Joey or is she just acting for Harry's sake.


5. Stunned

Reluctantly I sat back down in my chair. Joey looked really nervous and I noticed that his friends were staring at us and grinning." I thought you was going to tell me something?" I asked him.
" Oh right yes I was umm." Joey mumbled at the floor not daring to meet my eyes. I knew it was going to be really stupid like the herbology homework Professor Sprout had set us.
"Look are you going to tell me or not because I have potions homework to finish and Snape won't be happy if I don't hand it in!" I said to him a little more sharply than I truly intended.Thats when I heard the sniggering, i looked around and all of joeys mates were laughing.Until Darren ( the one with messy curly black hair and the big brown eyes) said "Ooh she's feisty Joey you always like the girls that have a bit of a temper!" I blushed and glared at the group of boys.
"Shut up Darren this is really difficult to say I'd like to see you try it." Joey snapped at his best friend. I was confused what did they mean I was difficult to talk to and why was Joey so nervous.
" Sounds like a challenge. Watch and learn Joey watch and learn," Darren got up from his chair and walked to the one next to me, he got my hands and held them in his he then looked straight in my eyes. I cringed and tried to pull away but he was stronger than me and held me there.
"Ginny my friend Joey here has had a crush on you for some time know so we told him to pick up the courage and ask you out. Unfortunately he was to nervous to ask you himself and so I have taken it upon myself to do it. Ginny Weasley would give the honour of going out with my dear friend Joey Richter?"
He then got up, patted Joey on the back and sat back with his friends. This was my chance the one thing that could get Harry to be jealous. "Joey Richter, I Ginny Weasley would be delighted to go out with you!" I then got up kissed Joey on the cheek and left the library, leaving everyone behind me stunned.
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