To Good To Be True

When Ginny Weasley meets her boy crush Harry Potter she swears they will be married some day.But then he meets Lauren Lopez and she is devastated. In her plan to make Harry jealous she gets a boyfriend (Joey Richter) but her plan doesn't go the ways she wanted it to , is she really falling in love with Joey or is she just acting for Harry's sake.


8. Seeker or the finder

Harry's pov

I can't believe Ginny would say something like that its just not her! Maybe I can't trust Lauren but I always feel happy when I'm with her. After transfigurations i pulled her to one side and asked her out!
" Oh Harry really oh yes I would love to go out with you!" She exclaimed when I asked her it nearly made my day until I heard a squealing noise from behind me. I turned to see Ginny run into Joey Richter's open hands it was obviously her that had squealed .
I hadn't realised Ginny had a boyfriend, especially when I thought she was Upset about the whole hugging thing in the great ball! Then again Lauren was joeys ex so she might of been a bit cautious around her. I turned away again to look at Lauren she really was adorable. I would forget about Ginny and spend all my time with Lauren. She told me that she had found love and Hufflepuffs are particularly good finders . So why argue.
I gave myself just one more peek at Ginny and her crimson glittering hair before turning the corner with my little Lauren. Maybe I was in love with two girls one a seeker and one a finder.

( Ginny is a seeker in this story because umbridge is still at hog warts )
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