To Good To Be True

When Ginny Weasley meets her boy crush Harry Potter she swears they will be married some day.But then he meets Lauren Lopez and she is devastated. In her plan to make Harry jealous she gets a boyfriend (Joey Richter) but her plan doesn't go the ways she wanted it to , is she really falling in love with Joey or is she just acting for Harry's sake.


4. My Plan

I sat in the library the whole day thinking of a plan to get Harry to be my boyfriend but i couldn't think of anything. I knew his favourite food was red vines but i couldn't give any to him because it was kind of his and Ron's thing.I couldn't get Lauren to back off because she was a year older than me and i could hardly get Fred and George to do anything to her because they were in Diagon Alley at work. But then i thought about, i was sure i had a box of skiving snack boxes in my trunk if i could just give her a puking pastille when she was near Harry she might start puking all over him , he would be repulsed and i would be there to help him clean up. There my plan was sorted. Only one problem, everyone would know it was me and then Harry would be repulsed at me for trying to get his crush ill. So my next idea was to talk to her, but i was a wimp and kind of scared of the 6th years.
Then i had a sudden idea what, if i could get Harry jealous by going out with someone else. I looked around the library to see if there was anyone decent there to go out with.When my eyes landed on a boy in my year ,Joey Richter he was in Ravenclaw and quite good looking but the thing that startled me most was that he was staring straight at me. I blushed and looked away.He was meant to be one of the 'cool gang' that consisted of : Darren Chriss , Joe walker, Joe Moses and Joey Richter. I heard a scrape of a chair being pushed back and some footsteps coming in my direction. I tried to make myself look busy but i just didn't have the knack of acting.
"Hey are you Ginny Weasley?" Asked Joey looking down at me.
"Umm yeah I am." I mumbled back to him.
"I'm Joey hey can I sit down?" Joey asked pulling out a chair and sitting down. he obviously didn't care if i said no.
"Oh yeah sure, I was heading back to my dorm anyway" I replied, packing my things up.
"No stay I wanted to talk to you actually" He said, lightly grabbing my wrist and trying to pull me back in my chair.
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