To Good To Be True

When Ginny Weasley meets her boy crush Harry Potter she swears they will be married some day.But then he meets Lauren Lopez and she is devastated. In her plan to make Harry jealous she gets a boyfriend (Joey Richter) but her plan doesn't go the ways she wanted it to , is she really falling in love with Joey or is she just acting for Harry's sake.


2. 4 years later...

Thank God Cho was gone! She was so whiny and cried whenever she wanted attention. I knew she didn't deserve Harry but whenever i talked to Hermione about it she told me Harry seemed happy and Cho smiled more often ,even if she was still going to the bathroom between lessons to cry.
She ate her words though after Cho's and Harry's first fight at hogsmeade. Maybe Harry was a little tactless but it was obvious Cho wanted to pick a fight! When I heard that they broke up i immediately broke up with Michael , ok that does sound a bit desperate bit ive been in love with Harry seen he saved me from the Basilisk.

But theres now a another girl Lauren Lopez, shes in Hufflepuff and i've never even noticed her before, till she walked up to Harry , hugged him and said thanks for helping her in Charms class! Can you believe how forward she was being and i bet it was Hermione helping her in Charms.
I looked at Hermione in disbelief but she was smiling to herself as if she knew this would happen, so then i turned to Ron but he was nudging Hermione and looking up at Harry. Harry had gone bright red and looked quite pleased with himself. It was unbelievable i thought he liked me a bit i mean this month he kept flirting with me and when we were playing Qudditch he hugged and i swear he was going to kiss but Ron interupted it ! I really hate Ron sometimes !

( I do like Lauren lopez i might have to slag her off though because its from ginnys point of view but i am a big fan of lauren lopez and starkid)
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