To Good To Be True

When Ginny Weasley meets her boy crush Harry Potter she swears they will be married some day.But then he meets Lauren Lopez and she is devastated. In her plan to make Harry jealous she gets a boyfriend (Joey Richter) but her plan doesn't go the ways she wanted it to , is she really falling in love with Joey or is she just acting for Harry's sake.


1. Meeting

"But Mummm!!",I whined " What if they don't like me? What if i don't have any friends there?"
"Don't be so silly Ginny! Of course you'll have friends your a lovely girl, now stop whining and help me put your trunk in the car.You know i have to give them muggles some credit they do know how to live without magic and they made this car very spacious !!" I grinned and looked at dad when mum said this, he caught my eye,winked and put his finger to his lips making sure i wouldn't tell mum about his little trick.

I nodded to him and looked away, unfortunately my eye caught Harry's and I quickly looked away again flushing bright red.I did this whenever I looked at Harry and whenever he talked to me. I had met Harry the year before on platform 9 3/4 and hadn't stopped talking about him after that, but when he came off the train with Ron ( my brother) i nearly fainted,the famous Harry Potter was friends with my poor brother Ron. Then i nearly died when he came round for summer, I kept dropping things and refused to talk in his presence. That probably wasn't the best way to get a boy to like me , i admit it.
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