Back for you

Alexis and Niall have been dating for 5 months but now it is time for the boys to go on tour, and Alexis doesn't know if the relation ship can go on.


2. Saying Goodbye

> Alexis's POV: The next few months went by in a blur. Just a lot of pain and trying to convince myself that everything would be okay, but I knew that it wouldn't. I knew he was leaving me and that there was nothing that I could do about it. How long would I take me to let go of him or at least try to forget some of our memories. Like when we went on our first date to the movies in New York. How how can he just leave like this. God it just hurts so much. I mean I love him. But no I have to move on he's gonna find someone on tour someone who will make him happy someone who will have the guts to tell him how they feel about him before he leaves. I can't no I just can't go to the airport and tell him I love him what will that do. Do I honestly think he will stay. I don't care right now I just need to sleep. So that's what I did I slept for about 45 minutes that entire night. Nialls POV: How how can I do this to Alexis. I can't stand to see her cry. I haven't seen her sense that night 2 months ago, and now I have to go on tour in 2 days. All I do every day is this about that kiss we had on our 5th anniversary she didn't even Kiss back. I love her so much. 2 days later: Alexis's POV: Today's the day. The day I officially die inside. I'm not going to the airport. No I can't do that. Unless I can. Yes I can and I will. It's a 1 hour drive to the airport so I have to go now. (1 hour later) Now I'm here. There's the band only Louis knows that I'm here. Because Louis is my best friend and I tell him everything. Ok here goes nothing well more like everything. Niall! Niall Horan! No response he thinks its another fan. I have to call him something that only I call him. Lucky Charm!!! Oh my god turn around!! And then he did he turned and saw me. Then he ran to me. Lexi loop!! He yelled then through all the screaming fans it went silent and he kissed me, but this time was better because I kissed back. The world stopped. He held me like it was the first time. Then it stopped. " great way to say goodbye." Niall said. " uh um ya great way to say goodbye". I repeated. Then we said are final goodbyes and he got on the Plane and left.

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