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Alexis and Niall have been dating for 5 months but now it is time for the boys to go on tour, and Alexis doesn't know if the relation ship can go on.


1. Anniversary

                                                         Chapter 1

Niall's POV: "Alexis hurry up we're gonna be late". I yelled up the stairs. It's me and Alexis's 5 month anniversary, and we're going out to Nandos for dinner(my idea of course)."I'll be right down I just have to finish my makeup".Yelled Alexis. Then I heared her walk down the stairs. "Okay I'm ready to go". Said Alexis. There she was her beautiful golden brown hair curled, her perfect skin glowing in the light of the dining room. All I could do was stare and say "wow you look beautiful. Lets get going". "Ok" chimmed Alexis. The car ride was very short we barely even talked. Just the occasional you look amazing or I cant believe its been 5 months. 

Then we were at Nandos and Alexis could not look any more beautiful, with her perfect makeup and her dress that fit just the right way. But I knew that it was all going to be ruined on this night, everything will come crumbling down to pieces in her world. In my world.

"Would you like to sit here". Said the waitress. "Yes right here will be fine. Thank you." I said. Alexis orderd Chicken Parm, and I orderd the same. At dessert I knew that it was almost time to tell Alexis the horrid news. We just finished eating and I payed the bill, and we left.

Bringing her home was the worst part, and then I was inside we sat on the couch, and just talked for awhile. Then it was time I had to tell her. "Ok Alexis I have to tell you something and your not going to like it". " what is it" Alexis said her voice almost cracking as she spoke. " I have to go tour with the band". " Ok. That's fine you had me worried something was coming to eat me or something". Alexis burst out. " No I I'm going to be gone for awhile". " h-how long awhile are you talking about Niall". "t-two years". What what you-you cant be serious. Niall we've only been together for 5 months and your gonna go on tour for 2 years! No! No! you-you cant just leave and expect everything to be okay when you come back in 2 years"! Now Alexis was screaming and crying. "I know I know but I have to its for the band and the boys need me." I know but I need you. Your my lucky charm." Cried Alexis 

Alexis's POV: He's leaving for 2 years." No! No!" That's all that I really could think of at the moment. But then everything happened. "I love you". Niall Horan my boyfriend for 5 months who is leaving for 2 years just told me he loves me, but that's not it no that would be to simple. At that very moment he crashed his lips into mine nearly knocking me over but I couldn't fall he was holding me there in his warm arms, and I felt like I was flying and he was there cradling my face with his hand, it was perfect, and then it was over. He let go of me. I just stood there in astonishment. " I'm sorry" he said turning his head away. Now he was in the middle of the room."I-Ill just leave". Niall said moving towards the door. "Ya you should. You should just go." So he did and when the door shut behind him all I could do to react was cry. So I did I dropped to the floor and cried. I crunched up into a ball on my bed thinking. This is the worst anniversary ever, and asking myself questions in my mind until I fell asleep.  


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