One Direction *Not Famous*

Rachel Philips battles high school like any other teenager right? But one thing bothers her, and her friends, the 5 high school players; Zayn Malik, Louis Tomlinson, Harry Styles, Niall Horan and Liam Payne. Every girl, knows not to get involved in with either one of them, they'll use you, and then ignore you. That is until Rachel and her friends see them at a bowling alley. Will she fall for one of them? What will her family do if she does like one of them??


9. Where are you?

Hey I just met you and

this is crazy but heres my number

so call me maybe!

Yes. My ringtone is Call Me Maybe, I woke up to my mom calling my cell. "Hello?" "Hi hun, its mom, just wanted to check in." "Oh, okay, yeah Im fine, how are you guys?" "Oh we're fine. So I guess I'll call you later, love you bye." "Bye, love you too" I hung up. I put my phone down, and got up from Liam's bed, he wasnt laying next to me anymore.. I walk out of his room. Into the kitchen, no one was there. Walk in the living room, no one was there. I check all the rooms. Still no one to be found. I go outside, and I see Niall sleeping on the lounge chair, with a bag of chips on his lap. I couldnt help but laugh at this. "Nialllllll waaaake uuuuuup!" I shout in his ear. He quickly jumped up, and looked around. 'Where is everyone?" I asked him. "No clue....Did you try calling Liam?" Niall asked me.

"No.." Niall took his phone out and dialed some one. "Hey! Where are you?" he says over the phone. 

About 3 mins later... "They didn't tell me where they are, they just said they'll be back in 20." Niall walked inside and straight to the kitchen. 

I followed behind him, but instead I went to Liams room. I heard a car engine so I looked out the window, and its like 6:25 pm, its getting dark. I didnt see anyone, but I saw a red little car, in the drive way. I didn't recognize it from anywhere. "Hey Niall!" I shout out the door. "Yeah?" He says back. "Come here?" Niall comes into the room, "Do you know anyone with a red little car?" I asked him. "Hmm, I can't say that I do, why?" 

"Look, someone parked there car in the drive way." 

"Thats weird, I'll go see who it is, stay inside" 

Niall walked out of the room, and I followed him. He walked towards the door, he was just about to put his hand on the knob...All of a sudden, someone from the outside tried opening the door. Niall looked at me. My heart was racing by this time. It was a man, "LET ME IN..NOW!!!!!!!!!!" he kept saying it over and over for about 3 minutes. Niall took my hand, and lead me to the side of couch, it was a little space, but if we crouched down no one would be able to see us. The man stopped. Liams house was a 1 story... I forgot to close his door when we left it.

I look over the couch to Liams room. I gasped. "Rachel whats wrong?!" 

I couldnt get anything out of my I just pointed to the direction of Liams room. 

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