One Direction *Not Famous*

Rachel Philips battles high school like any other teenager right? But one thing bothers her, and her friends, the 5 high school players; Zayn Malik, Louis Tomlinson, Harry Styles, Niall Horan and Liam Payne. Every girl, knows not to get involved in with either one of them, they'll use you, and then ignore you. That is until Rachel and her friends see them at a bowling alley. Will she fall for one of them? What will her family do if she does like one of them??


4. Its a date

I woke up at 9:17, then i remembered my plans with Liam! I got into the shower, blow dried my hair, and curled it with loose curls so it doesnt look like i put that much effort in. I put my make up one, then got dressed. I looked at myself in my mirror. I liked my outfit a lot, i then put some lotion on my hands, and then perfume all over my body. it was 11:42. I hurried downstairs, I grabbed my coat. then the doorbell rang. 

I opened the door, it was Liam. He was wearing jeans, a blue plaid buttoned up shirt with white converse. "He-wow you look abosulty beautiful!" Liam said, while he pulled me in for a hug."Thanks, you too!" I say. "Ready?" "Ready." I locked the door, and he guided me to his car, his big black hummer. "Nice car.." I say in amaze meant. "Oh hah thanks" Liam says while opening the passenger car door for me. I thought wow he's a gentleman... "Oh by the way, im paying for lunch." He says with a cheeky smile. "Oh its okay, really!" I said. "No no no no im paying end of conversation. I just shook my head as a response and he smiled. 

Liam P.O.V: 

I won that argue meant over whos paying for lunch..She looked really pretty! It's kinda weird though, we've gone to the same school for 2 years already and haven't said a word to each other. "Liam..?" Rachel says looking over at me, while im driving. "Yes babe?" I say. "I-Is this" She asks, i could tell she was nervous of asking me that. "Hmm, haven't thought of that..I guess so" I smiled and said to her. "Alright, good" She says. 

We got to Nandos we ordered our food, and had a lovely time. "So do you have to be home a certain time?" I ask her sipping my drink. "Nope." She says. "Ok great, I was hoping we can walk around the park?" "I'd love to Liam" 

We get to the park, we sit down on a bench, "You have really pretty eyes Rachel." I say to her. "Thank you Liam." Rachel replied. "well today was a fun day." she adds. "its not over, come on.." I got up, pulled her wrist up. I grabbed her hand and we walked in silence,it was comfortable silence, not that awkward silence... I was walking her to a beautiful waterfall at the end of the park. I mean it was like a fountain i guess. Me and Rachel were both walking through the park. I was debating to grab her hand or not, so I went for it. I grabbed her hand. She looked down, then at me and smiled. I drove her back to her house and walked her inside, she hugged me goodbye, then i was off. Well, today went good.

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