One Direction *Not Famous*

Rachel Philips battles high school like any other teenager right? But one thing bothers her, and her friends, the 5 high school players; Zayn Malik, Louis Tomlinson, Harry Styles, Niall Horan and Liam Payne. Every girl, knows not to get involved in with either one of them, they'll use you, and then ignore you. That is until Rachel and her friends see them at a bowling alley. Will she fall for one of them? What will her family do if she does like one of them??


13. I have an Idea!

Liam P.O.V.

Oh gosh, we're almost Rachels house.Im so nervous about meeting her dad, not so much her mom.My palms are so sweaty, like i just washed my hands. I pull into the driveway. 

"Ready?" Rachel asked me


Rachel walks in, I follow behind her. "MOM!" Rachel shouts running to her mom in the kitchen. "DAD" She hugs her dad, im just standing here awkwardly...

"Mom, Dad, this is Liam." Rachel says. 

"Hello, Liam, nice to finally meet you." Her mom says. 

"Lovely to meet you too, Mr. & Mrs.Philips." 

"Shall we sit down?" her dad suggests. 

We sit down on the couch, Rachel is sitting next to me on one couch, and her mum and dad are sitting next to each other on the other couch, and Rachels little brother, Daniel, is sitting on the ground watching tv. 

"So, you live by yourself?" Mr.Philips asked. 

"Yes. My mum died when I was little, and my dad lives like 2 hours away. I have a job, I have my own car." I explain. 

"Im sorry about your mom." Mrs. Philips says. 

I just nod. 

"Well, mom, dad, me and Liam are gonna go up to my room, call us when dinner is ready." Rachel says, grabbing my hand and making me follow her up to her room.

"Weeeeell, that went well, dont ya think?" I say.

"Fantastic." She comes up to me, and pulls me down so im leaning over her, she wrapped her arms around my neck I put my arms around her back. We start to kiss, then soon turns into a make out. 

After that, we're laying in her bed watching a movie, we're cuddled next to each other. her mum calls out "Rachel, dinner is ready!" 

We go downstairs, and everything is set up, but theres only 2 plates on the table. 

"Dad, why is there only 2 plates?" Rachel asks. 

"Because, this dinner is for you two, not us. We'll be back by 10. Have fun, just not too much fun." 

"Ok...Bye...Thank you! Love you guys!" Rachel says. "Wow, I was not expecting that." I say. Sitting down at the dinner table. 

"Me either.." 

"Well lets eat!" We began to eat, after we were done eating we headed up to Rachels room again. "will you sing for me?" She asked me. 

Rachels P.O.V: 

I have to ask him, it's killing me not to! I broke the silence, "will you sing for me?" I asked Liam. "Uh, sure love, what do you want to hear?" 

"mmm, One More Night by Maroon 5." I said. 

You and I go hard at each other like

we're going to war, you and I go 

rough throwing things and slamming 

the door, You and I get so damn dysfunctional , 

we stopped keeping score, you and I get sick, 

ya I know we can't do this no more. 

And he went on... 

"Liam that was amazing!" I hugged him. 

"Thank you, Rache, wait until you hear all of us sing together!" Liam says. 

"Invite them over!" 

"Babe it's getting kinda late..." 

"It's only 7:15! Please!!" 

"Alright, alright!" Liam took his phone out and dialed Louis, and invited them over. About 15 mins later they were here. 

They knocked on the door, "coming!" I shouted. I opened the door, and saw Louis, Niall, Zayn, and Harry and Emma. "Hey guys! Come in!" They all sat on the couch. 

"Will you boys do me a favor?" I ask. "Depends on what the favor is.." Louis says with some sass. 


"Sing?" Zayn repeats.

"Yes. I know you guys can sing...and know Emma does too." 

"Yeahh, let's hear it!" Emma says. 

"Alright, what do you want us to sing?" 

"Use Somebody." Emma sternly says. "Alright, boys here we go..." Harry says. 


I've been roaming around, I was looking down

at all I see, Painted faces fill the places I cant 

reach. You know that I can use somebody, 

You know that I can use sombody...


Some one like you with  you know,

and how you speak

Countless lovers under the cover of the 


You know that I can use somebody 

You know that I can use somebody


Someone like you

oh woah oh oh woah 

oh woah oh oh woah 

oh woah oh oh woah  

"HOLY CRAP THAT WAS AMAZING!" Emma shouts, and sits on Harrys lap. I didnt have words to express how good they were. I just stared at all five of them. It really was the best thing i've heard next to Justin Bieber. "Are you alright?" Liam asks me.  

I didn't have anything to say, so I just seriously crawled on top of him and started kissing him..! I know he liked it, he didn't stop me... "You liked it that much?"

"I have a brilliant idea!!!!!" I shout. 

"That is...?" Niall says. 

"You guys should try out for the U.K X-Factor!!!" I shout..

"Hm...That sounds like a good idea, Rachel. We'll talk more about it tomorrow?" 


Then everyone left, then there was me and Liam. At my house. Alone. We decided to go to sleep, we were pretty tired... 

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