One Direction *Not Famous*

Rachel Philips battles high school like any other teenager right? But one thing bothers her, and her friends, the 5 high school players; Zayn Malik, Louis Tomlinson, Harry Styles, Niall Horan and Liam Payne. Every girl, knows not to get involved in with either one of them, they'll use you, and then ignore you. That is until Rachel and her friends see them at a bowling alley. Will she fall for one of them? What will her family do if she does like one of them??


8. Friends?

As Louis pulls up to Liams house, me Zach and liam are getting out of the car. I get out, I pick my backpack up from the floor, and go through it. "Damn it!" 

"Whats wrong?" Louis asks me. "I forgot my assignment for History at school!" "I can drive you, if you want?" He asks me, while Niall Harry and Zayn get out of his car. "Ya, okay, I'll go to Tell Liam". "Alright."  

No ones P.O.V.: 

Rachel and Liam are a very good couple. But Rachel's friends have been blowing her off, not inviting her places with them. Liam and his are all still like brothers. Even though Louis knows Liam and Rachel are dating, he still has some feelings for her, he's always liked her, just never admited it. Liam and Rachel are the type of couple where they can tell each other anything, and everything. They laugh, they joke, they cuddle, they kiss... everything Zach wants with Rachel. 

Rachel P.O.V:

Louis is so nice! I dont see how he doesnt have a girlfriend.. Louis offered to drive me to school to get my assignment I had left there. "Can I put on a song?" "Sure." I turn on the radio, and I just pick a random station, and Beauty and A Beat by Justin Bieber was playing. I smiled. & I started singing. "Your a good singer." Lou smiles at me. "Ehh, not really.." Louis turned the radio off and put in a CD, and The A Team began to play. "Sing this?" He says. I started singing softly, then I was really singing.  We pulled up to the  school, and there was 3 girls standing there. I got out of the car and walked up to the front office. 

Louis P.O.V.: 

While Rachel was in there, a girl with blonde hair tapped on the passenger window, I rolled it down.  "So now Rachel has moved on to you? Liam, then you, whos next? Harry?" The girl laughed. "Excuse me? Rachel just forgot something here, so I drove her back here." I say with a little sass. "Why? Liam couldnt do it? Was he too busy with another girl?" She looked back at her friends and then looked at me. I got out of the car, walked over to the girl. "Listen, you leave Liam and Rachel alone. GOT IT?" I say right in her face. "Sure, but Rachel cant keep him, she's a slut, a bitch, attention whore...and..want me to go on?" When that girl said that, I was ready to scream at her, I was so angry. But then I heard some sniffles behind me, I turned around to see Rachel tearing up. She ran right passed me and that girl and got into my car. 

"hope your happy" I said walking off to my side of the car. I drove off to Liams house. I parked in the drive way, before Rachel got out, "Are you okay Rachel?" "Would you be okay if you just heard your best friend call you a slut, a bitch or a attention whore?" She said walking up to Liams front door. "wait, that was Abby?" "Sure was!" By now she was balling her eyes out. When we walked inside the door, everyone was outside in the back. She ran outside. I cant believe I didnt recognize Abby!  

Rachel P.O.V.: 

I can't belive Abby. My bestfriend, just called me a slut, attention whore and a bitch. I was crying my eyes out, all I wanted was Liam. I ran outside, I stopped, and Liam stood up, and ran just ran to him. He wrapped his arms around me and kiss my head. "What happened?" He softly whispers. Then Louis comes out.I  let go of Liam, and walk right pass Louis and inside. "Dude, what happened to my girlfriend?!?!?"I heard Liam say. "Well....while she was getting her assignment, Abby called her a bitch, attention whore and slut. & Rachel heard it.." Louis explained. I go to Liams room, and just lay down, on his bed, I pull my phone out of my pocket. I have 4 new messages from...Abby. I didnt look at them. Then Liam comes in, and falls down on the bed beside me. "Im so sorry, Rachel." "Its alright, Li, not your fault Abby's a jerk" I was facing his window on the other side of the bed, Liam was laying beside me looking towards the window also, he wrapped his arms around me. I fell asleep shortly. 

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