One Direction *Not Famous*

Rachel Philips battles high school like any other teenager right? But one thing bothers her, and her friends, the 5 high school players; Zayn Malik, Louis Tomlinson, Harry Styles, Niall Horan and Liam Payne. Every girl, knows not to get involved in with either one of them, they'll use you, and then ignore you. That is until Rachel and her friends see them at a bowling alley. Will she fall for one of them? What will her family do if she does like one of them??


2. Bowling.?

We arrived at Pin Lanes. I was kinda happy and excited that The Five most popular guys are coming tonight! Me and Abby got everyones shoes, they told us there shoe size, and they got us a lane for tonight. There was 3 groups of people besides us here, it wasn't packed like I thought it was gonna be. Just when me and Abby were walking to our lane, there they were. Zayn, Liam, Niall, Louis and Harry.  Walking in a perfect line, next to each other. I looked at Abby, and we walked as fast as we could so they wouldn't notice us. We told the girls.

Dessy was freaking out, I mean I would be too, I am, im not showing it though. Those boys are just so damn hot! They're hair, the smiles, they're clothes just ... everything was perfect. Emma was telling us something, I wasn't really listening. I over heard Louis ask if they can have a lane to next to ours. They're coming, walking to their lane next to ours. I tell the girls to act like they're not even here. So we start our game. Niall comes up to Dessy, and says "Destiny right?" She says "Or Dessy" trying not to scream her head off. "right." Niall says and smiles, and walks back to his hot friends. I caught Louis looking at Kenzie a couple of times, it was quite cute though. When it was my turn to bowl i was actually quite scared, I didnt want to make a fool of myself infront of them! So I walk up to the lane, and lighty send my bowling ball down the lane

I stood there watching it, until it the pins got knocked down. Then, as I stood there, big masculine hands touch my waist. I jumped and turned around to see who it was, it was Liam. He was so tall compared to me, I was the smallest one out of all my friends. "Good job" Liam said, "Thank you." I say in my american accent. "American accent..?" Liam said looking at me confused. "I moved here right before freshman year, I lived in New Jersey, In the United States." I say giving him a smile then walking back to my friends. Liam's cute, he's the most mature one of his 4 friends, he's like the dad of them, even though he wasn't the older one. "So, what are you girls doing after this?" the curly haired boy,Harry, Asked. "Em, is dropping us off at our houses." Abby replied to Harry. "Ohh well uhm we're going to head off now, here's all of our numbers. Hope you use them" Harry said, then winked at Abby. Then the 5 walked off, Liam waved to me. "Liam is totally crushing on you, Rachel!" Kenzie shouted.."Ok, whatever. Lets go." we all added all of there numbers to our phones, then we were on our way home. 

Emma dropped me off first, since I lived close. I grab my things out of Emma's car, and watched her drove off. I walk inside to my house, my little brother, Daniel, was sitting watching Spongebob as usual. I walk upstairs, change into pajamas, take my make up off. Put my iHome on, and grab my laptop, and log into twitter. That's how I usually spend my friday nights, without any plans. 

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