For Never & Always

Ryan, and Kat. Best friends, and we're helping y'all with this.

In this thing here is advice on life, and other stuff.

FOREWARNING; There will be cursing, ranting and bitching.


4. Relationships Rant.

Blech. Ryan here. In the case you have yet to realize, I don't like this subject. But alas, what must be done, must be done.

You see relationships confuse the shit out of me. People date and then break up and are sad. It's like they thought they'd be together forever. I mean seriously? You're what, 16? Yeah it's not likely that you'll stay together.

People date someone and are all lovey-dovey with them for any length of time. I find that absolutely sickening. I'm Scrooge in this sense okay? Then whenever they split one of them is upset and the other just complains about them. GAH I mean do you hate them? Were you only together because you were lonely?

I really despise cheaters and players. Being a relationship means 2 people but some people don't get it. This applies to both genders, I'm not just stereotyping guys because girls are just as guilty. If you don't like being wit someone, don't cheat just end your relationship.

Players need to chill the hell out. If you're so determined to plow your way through the gender of your preference population then try to be with the person for more than a week, or month. Attempt to make it to the anniversary mark. If you can't swear the heck off of dating for a while. Okay?

Now, for Kat's input.



I'm oky about the whole relationship thing. I don't like to talk about it, but whatever. There is just this one little thing that just pisses me off about relatoinships; when they take 'lovey dovey' to the extream. I remember a few days back at Canada's Wonderland, I was in line to go on Phyclone.And guess what horrid sight I saw. A couple who were basically having sex in the line up. Like woah, calm you raging hormones.

Another thing that you should never do, date some one because you're lonely. If you don't truly like or love that person, don't late them. Don't date someone just for the time being, so at a later date you can get back with your ex.

My last thing to say is, don't say 'I love you' to a person unless you truly mean it.


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