epilogue back to school: Clanté One-Shot


1. epilogue back to school

Two weeks later I went back to school. It was back to my normal life. Except I was now dating dante. I think the whole school knew that when he kissed me in the hall way.

You must want to know about my friends and family. A lot happened.

First of all the next summer my little cousins the twins had a little boy trouble. That was a long way away so I won't talk about that. All I am going to say is me ,Dante and Hellen helped them and they are now in love. 

My cousin charlie got engaged to tony and got married. Dante came as my date. 2 months after the engagment they found out they were having a child. I got asked to be her god mother and dante the god father. She is a girl named 

On the first day of school Helen came up to me and Dante. She told me to check my Movellas blog. I saw a message from Hellen

Helsey101: I have been the one posting the comments on the blog as I was jeleaous of her. She is my best friend and I hope she forgives me.

I forgave her as she got all my fans back and her fans went away.Dante even forgave her.

 She told me how she broke up with Alex as he tried to abuse her to try and get pregnant. Then she told me something he got her   pregnant and was scared. She was going to have an abortion but I told her not to and I came with her to each doctors meeting. She decided she wanted a child and kept her but never told Alex about her. He died of a drug over dose that year as his friend was A drug dealer. Her child is named Ella and I am her god mother as well. I am still bffs with Hellen and I am 30 and so is she.

Me and Dante what could I say about that. Let me just say we have 2 children at the moment and more soon as I am pregnant and are living happily. At my wedding Hellen and her 11 year old child were bride maids. Now me and Dante are living happily ever after.


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