Take Me Home

16 year old Daniella Simons, also known as Dani, goes to a hot British band's concert, One Direction, who they haven't known about until now and is attracted to one of the bandmates, who is also strongly attracted to her too.
"I'm really girly. My sister says that when I meet the right guy, I will change and be myself (as in not girly) instead of trying to be the best, but I'm pretty sure this is myself. And if it's not, then I dont know what is."- Daniella Simons


1. In The Beginning

Chapter 1

     I wake up in a great mood. It's still dark out, and I can hear my sister on her phone. Today is Halloween and I have the best plan ever! Even though my sister is two and a half years older than me, she's almost afraid of anything. I have this scary glove on that belongs to my daddy. It has long 'sharp' nails, and has fake blood on the ends. And to me, the worst thing about it is the smell. It is rubber, so, it smells like... rubber. Soon enough she will have to go to the bathroom, and my plan will be put to a start!

     I hear her bedroom door unlock and I peek out my door. She is walking out, her eyes glued on her phone, but she is sorta hopping, so I can totally tell she's gonna pee her pants! I slide out my door on my tip toes behind her and try to hold in my laugh. Just before she reaches the bathroom door, I wrap my arms around her, making sure to put my glove where she can see it. Then I lift up my shoulders to my ears and tilt my head because I know what's coming next. A scream! She screams her head off and tries to get out of my arms. Not too long before I start laughing like crazy. She whips around and looks at me, her jaw dropped wide open. She shouts angrily, "OMG you almost made me pee my pa-," she freezes and her eyes widen a bit as she tilts her head slightly down and quickly looks back up. "I'm too old for this!" She yells as she shoves her phone into my hands. When she gets into the bathroom, she mumbles a few curse words and then screams through the door, "Too old, Dani! I'm eighteen! Your sixteen, I should be the scary one! And get me another pair of pants!" When she says that, I giggle. But when I turn around, my smile disappears.

     "Mom! Dad! What are you two doing up this early?" I ask, not making eye contact,  glaring at them from the side of my eyes. They look at me like I'm a criminal and they're the police. "We heard your sister scream," my dad says, as his eyes shrink to slivers. That means he's mad. My moms face suddenly turns very concerned. "Oh did she wet her pants again? I told you that isn't funny Dani!" She folds her arms together. I finally turn my head to them, giving them puppy eyes. " It's Halloween! And It's not my fault, or my problem, that my sister has a tiny bladder. By the time she's forty, she will have to wear adult diapers!" I whine. When I say that, she was already out of the bathroom, so she heard exactly what I said. She gives me a long, hard stare, and then makes a wimpy growl and storms back to her room, locking the door. My parents look from her door to me. I shrug. "She's eighteen, basically an adult, she might as well need those adult diapers now?" I say, smiling then I rush into my room, before my annual Halloween 'No being mean to your sister' lecture. My dad knocks at the door, " Dani! Open this door! We need to talk," he snaps. "Talk through the door!" I say. I don't know but I'm sure both of them rolled their eyes.

     My dad starts the long lecture but I ignore him, since he can't see me through my locked
door. I walk over to my vanity, sit down, and rapidly look through drawers, looking for my favorite lipstick. It's pink-ish, peach-ish and it really stands out on me. Once I find it, I lean towards the mirror and prop my elbow up and open the cap. Puckering up my lips, I apply it lightly onto my soft lips. I put the top back on and check my hair. My hair is blonde-ish brown-ish, curly, long and I have massive side bangs. I tease it a bit with my nails, which I really, really need to redo. My neon bright green blue eyes sparkle in the mirror with the light of my fancy diamond chandelier. My parents are rich, so my house is like a palace. I go over to my (walk in) closet and look for a cute mini skirt and some leggings. I find a sparkly sequin white mini skirt and some plain white leggings. I throw the leggings on, then the skirt and I am pretty satisfied. The skirt goes up to my belly button so I look for a flowy white shirt. The one I pick out is really loose dolman shirt with an open lace back. I put it on and tuck it into my skirt. Letting the dolman sleeves flow. I smile. I'm satisfied with my outfit for today. I do NOT wear my Halloween costume to school. Neither does my best friend, Brittany. We think it's nerdy. Bending down, (still in my walk in closet!) I look at my giant shoe rack. I spot these strapped white heels that I haven't worn since my birthday. I step into those and to end my outfit, I slip my hair into a high bun. I smile as I look in the mirror. My clothes are amazing. I have really long legs, so I am pretty tall. That compliments the style.

     My dad stops talking and asks me if I understand. I just reply with a simple, "Yup," and clomp to the door. Before I walk out of my room, I grab my backpack and wink at myself in the mirror. I don't care about getting myself in trouble. My saying is, 'I'm too beautiful for pain' so I can get in as much trouble as I want without crying, I might smudge my mascara.

     I'm really girly. My sister says that when I meet the right guy, I will change and just be myself (as in not girly)  instead of trying to be the best, but I'm pretty sure this is myself. And if it's not, then I don't know what is. Today I have to take the bus. I hate the bus. All the boys stare at me and try to sit next to me and they are just really obnoxious. Once I get on the bus, almost everyone except me are wearing Halloween costumes. I spot Britt. Poor girl. She's really beautiful and she has to take the bus everyday. There is a boy in a zombie outfit next to her and she is making a face like she is going to puke. He attempts to put his arm around her, but fails when she slaps his arm really hard. I walk over to her and stand there. The boy doesn't move. Then he winks at me. That's it. I grab his shoulder, pull him off the seat, and sit down next to Britt. The zombie boy stands helpless next to us rubbing his shoulder where I had grabbed him. After a couple second he walks away to another seat. I look at Britt. She is wearing a salmon pink tube top, with a white blazer and a white mini skirt. Her shoes are salmon pink and so are her lips. She has dark brunette hair with natural curls. Her hair is in a Dutch braid. I smile at her. "Your welcome," I say, as if forcing her to answer with a thank you. But she's smarter than that. She replied quickly, "Say that to the zombie boy. I would've slapped him if you wouldn't have come in the bus!" She gives me a wink. Her eyeshadow was smokey silver. It seemed like me and her were the only ones in the school who could pull off the smokey eyed look. We start drifting into conversation about music, fashion and stuff when Brittany brings up a boy band called One Direction.

     "They apparently have been around for a few years, but I just heard about them! I looked them up on my new iPhone 5 and they are a-really, hot!" Britt says as she takes her phone out. After she taps the screen a few times, she shows me a picture of the band. Whoa. They are hot! How come it took me this long to find out about them? She saw my eyes light up and squealed. "So you agree? That they are hot?" She asks. I nod, "Well, yeah!" I look up at her. Is she, like, hiding something? "Okay," she starts as if she has read my mind, "You know, Stephanie? Well her friend Jennifer got tickets to see their concert, but she didn't wanna go, so she gave them to Stephanie, who didn't wanna go, and since I've known her since I was nine, she gave them to me! And guess how many tickets there are?" "Two?" I ask, but I'm completely sure there are two. She nods and smiles like crazy.

     When the bus stops, we automatically stand up at the same time, and walk into the isle. Betty, a totally ugly, dorky, nerd with glasses and pimples ALL over her face, tries to get in front of me and Britt but I stop her. "Uh Betty," I wrinkle up my nose, "I don't think so. Back in your seat." I point to her chair and she rushes to it. Me and Britt are really popular. Stepping out of the bus, we see a bunch of retards in stupid Halloween costumes. No one looks good. If I wore a costume, it would probably be a maid. Britt would be Little Red Riding Hood. Stephanie ran up to us. She looks ok. She is a bunny. A tight black dress, bunny ears, bright pink lipstick, fishnet stockings, and boots. She also has a little black bunny nose and whiskers. She has jet black hair and pale skin so the costume sorta suits her. She hand Britt two pieces of paper and says, "Here are the tickets! I have something to do that day so, here!" Britt takes them and turns to me. "One for you, and one for me," she hands me one, "Another great thing. FRONT ROW SEATS!" She screams. I lift the ticket up to my face and stare at it. It's next week. What am I going to wear?

     The bell rings for lunch an I gather my stuff from my small desk. "Remember to stay spooky!" My history teacher shouts at the class and I roll my eyes. As soon as I walk into the hallway I make eye contact with Britt. She pushes a few football guys out of the way so she can get to me and a couple of them crowd around her wooing and cheering. One of the boys (who is Britt's ex-boyfriend) say something to her. She freezes and says"Shut up Jason, no more chances. Cry me a river, build a bridge and get over it!" She flashes him a 'don't talk to me' glare and finishes her struggle towards me. "He really wants you back." I point out.  "*Psh* he was cheating on me with Connie. The head cheerleader, or shall I say, slut. She even had a boyfriend when I found them both drunk and snogging like there was no tomorrow in the bathroom at Stephanie's party. She totally is like, gonna grow up to be a trophy wife or something!" We both laugh when I stop and ask, "What's a trophy wife?" "A young girl who marries a dude like thirty years older than she is just because he's rich." I nod. It sounds like Connie right now! "Did you see what she wore yesterday?!?!" "Yeah I know right?" She says as I open the door to the cafeteria an we sit down with Stephanie, Jennifer, some redhead who's name I forget, and a bunch of other chicks I don't know. "Hey guys." Jennifer says glumly, poking at her egg white sandwich. "I bumped into Jason today," Britt breaks the silence. The girls ooh and ah. "Lemme guess..." Stephanie says. As soon as she starts her next sentence the rest of the girls chime in, including me, " He wanted, yet, another chance!" And we all laughed, and Britt did too. "Why speak of the devil," the redhead says and Britt freezes. Jason hugs Britt from behind and she tilts her head slightly down. "Talking about me?" He says to her with a wink, "I knew you couldn't resist me." "Get your sweaty arms off of me, gross!" Britt says as she whips her shoulders around. Jason backs off flinging his arms up "Kay, kay, whatever. Anything for you, babe," he smirks and heads back to his table. After a couple of seconds, Jennifer asks, "How did his arms feel?" "I might be his ex, and I swear I am totally over him, but his arms feel like h-e-a-v-e-n!" She shouts when all of a sudden Jason is next to her whispering, "Knew it," and running off. Britt blushes majorly as we slowly get into out normal conversations.

     After school Britt's mom picks us up in her brick red minivan. I would die if my parents bought me that for my sweet sixteen. But they bought me a Mustang. Sadly, I can't drive it because both me and Britt failed our driving test. It is way harder than it looks!  "Hello Mrs. Dirkonson," I say as I drop myself into the back seat. "Hello Daniella." She says. She has never been very fond of me, she doesn't like me as a role model for Britt. I can hear her say some things to Britt, like, "Why did you bring her?" Or, "I told you not to hang out with her." After the long ride of whispers, we are at my house. Me and Britt pop off our seat belts and walk out of the car. "Where are you going young lady?!" Mrs. Dirkonson shouts from the driving seat. "To Dani's, duh," her mother rolls her eyes and dries off. Britt looks at me, "Now let's see that wardrobe! I'll help you pick what to wear to the concert!"

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