Life without you

Kate is new to her school and dosn't have any friends and isn't planning on making any because she's too shy. One of the most popular boys in school see's her getting pushed around by some other pops and they soon become best friends, but is that all they feel about each other?


4. Study 'Date'

Louis's P.O.V

I walked into the house and dropped my backpack next to my shoes and jacket. I walked into the kitchen to see my mom cooking. "Hey mom! One of my friends might come over later to study." I said opening the fridge and grabbing a water bottle. "Ok sweety! Maybe you can clean your room then? Love you!" she said still concentrating on the food. I walked into my room closing my door behind me. I took out my phone and texted Kate.


L-Hey it's Louis

K-Oh hey Lou! U mind if I call u that from now on?

L-Lot's of ppl call me that so idc. So u comin over?

K-Yea. I'll be over in about a half an hour.

L-Cool! c u then!

K-Kay ttyl

End of Convo

I then threw my phone and water bottle on my bed. I looked around my room at all the dirty cloths and stuff on the ground. I guess my mom was right. My room does need to be cleaned. I started by picking up all my cloths and throwing them in my hamper. And then made my bed and some other stuff. I looked around my room and I could almost see it sparkle! I had gotten done just in time too! Kate was at my door when I was looking around my room. I heard the knock on the door and ran out of my room and to the door before my mom could set down her spoon. I opened the door to not Kate but Emily, my ex. What a surprise, shes gonna ruin a new friendship. Not that I like Kate or anything, I MEAN I do like Kate but just as a friend, and if I ever wanna have a girl just as a friend, Emily somehow always figures out and ruins it one way or the other. "Can I HELP YOU!?" I said getting a bit furious at her. Then she just wrapped her arms around my neck and crashed her lips into mine!? Ugh I hate her. I pushed her off and outside "WTF EMILY!?" I said slamming the door into her face. I walked into the kitchen and heard talking outside..

Kate's P.O.V

"SLUT! STAY AWAY FROM MY BF! YOUR THE ONE STEALING HIM! I KNOW IT!" the girl said walking away from the house and into the car that is parked on the street. I turned back to faceing the door and was about to knock, but stopped. Did she really call me a slut and say I was stealing her bf? But.. I don't think he likes me that way.. But if he does.. Do I feel the same?... The door flew open revealing a very happy Lou. I looked up and smiled back at him. "Hey! I'm sorry if Emily said anything to you. She's my ex and tries to ruin friendships between me and girls." He said grabbing my hand and pulling me inside. "I understand. I usualy ignore those kind of people" I said still exchangeing smiles with him. "Now, who is this lovely lady" Louis's mom said. "She's my friend. I met her yesterday!" Louis said smiling still. "Well nice to meet you. My names Johanna but you can call me Jay!" "Nice to meet you Jay! I'm Kate!" I said shaking her hand. "Well I'll be cooking! You two have fun! don't get into any trouble!" she said walking back to the pot of something. Louis did the 'follow me' hand motion and took me into what seemed as his room. It was clean and the main color was navy blue. Louis had most of his books on his bed ready to study with, or at least I think..

Louis's P.O.V

I sat down on my bed and said "C'mon and sit down." while patting the spot next to me on my bed. She slowly walked over and sat next to me. "Soo uhh, what do you wanna study first?" I said as I picked up my books and set them on my lap. "Math?" she said unsurely "Yea thats good." I picked out the math book and set it on the ground. While I started to kneel down I opened to the lesson we are know learning in math. Kate pushed herself off the bed and kneeled next to me. We started going over math problems, laughing at spontaineous jokes, and just having a good time. After getting done with math, we decided to talk about ourselfs, get to know eachother. It was fun. I learned some interesting facts about her, like her dad got killed in war, which we had a breif moment of silence after that, and that shes the baby of the family. I looked at the clock it was 8:00. "What time were you supposed to leave?" I said still looking at the time. "7. Why do you ask?"She said smiling which I know she won't be soon. "It's 8" "CRAP! I gotta go. Thanks for the great time. See ya!" She said grabbing her purse and jacket then kissing my cheek and walking out the door.

Kate's P.O.V

I kissed Lou's cheek and walked out of his bed room "Bye Jay!" I said to Louis's mom while slipping on my coat and shoes. "Bye Kate! Come over sooon!" She replied stiill cooking. I walked out side and onto the side walk. It was REALLY dark and cold outside. I had gotten about a block away from Lou's house now and was almost to mine. I heard a car behind me and a door slam. I turned around to try and see who it was but I could'nt see anything and then I felt a hand wrap around my neck and a cloth go on my nose and mouth.. I fell into a deep sleep and heard very fimiliar voices, but I could'nt make out who they were and what they were saying... Where was I?

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