Life without you

Kate is new to her school and dosn't have any friends and isn't planning on making any because she's too shy. One of the most popular boys in school see's her getting pushed around by some other pops and they soon become best friends, but is that all they feel about each other?


7. Nervous

Kate's P.O.V

I got into his car and we started to drive...what was I doing!? Skipping school, and letting an almost stranger live with me.. What if those things Louis said were true? Well it's too late now, I have to live with my mistakes. We pulled into a driveway to a huge house and Liam ran out of the car and into the house. One minuite later he came out with a couple bags. And came back into the car. "So where do you live?" He asked looking at me. "xxxx xxxxxxxx xx" "Ok" We drove to my house and to my surprise my mom was home. I went inside with Liam on my trail. "Hey mom, a friend got kicked out of his house and has to crash here for a while." I yelled taking Liam to the guest room. "This is where you will be staying." I said swinging open the door to a huge room with a computer, T.V, queen bed, and a big woredrobe. "Woah.." Liam replyed looking around.

~Liam's P.O.V~

This room is huge! And it has evrything! Kate's mum walked into the room smiling. "Hello! I'm May, Kate's mom" She said puting her hand out and I shook it. "Nice to meet you May, I'm Liam." I said glancing around the room once more. "Well, you two have fun. No trouble" she said walking out of the room.

~Kate's P.O.V~

Wow.. my mom took that well.. I guess it will be like having a brother I never did have.. "I'm going to my room.. it's just across the hall if you need me." He nodded his head and I went to my room.  I picked up my phone and it had a knew text from Louis.



L-Isn't it a little early?

K-Five minutes early

L-Buuut we were supposed to walk together :(


L-Kay :D

K-Cool I'll text you later then.


I threw my phone on my bed and walked into the bathroom. I took a quick shower and put on my pjs and put my hair in a messy bun. As I walked out I noticed Liam wasn't in his room. I went into his room and looked out his window to see his car wasn't in the driveway either. I walked into my room closing and locking the door behind me. You never know what a person is doing till you see it.. I layed on my bad and crawled under the covers. I fell asleep and was dreaming about what it would be like to be a unicorn when I woke up to a loud bang. I froze in place and started to get sorta scared and nervous.. I slowly got up and walked towards my door, I unlocked it and and opened it. Liam must be in his room because his door was closed. I walked over to his door and lightly knocked on it. I then noticed he was snoring. I couldn't help but giggle. I heard another crash from downstairs and I'm pretty sure Liam heard it too because his snoring stopped.I stood above the stairs looking down them. Liam swung open his door which scared me and made me fall down the stairs. "Are you the one making all the noise?" He said rubbing his eyes. I looked around trying to see what was down here. "N-no" I replyed to a bit scared. I slowly got up and stubled up the stairs next to Liam. "Then what is?" Liam said looking at me confused. "I don't kno-"I stopped talking becasue I heard footsteps coming towards the stairs. I looked down the hall and saw that my mom was still asleep because her door was closed and I also heard a light snoring with the footsteps. Me and Liam both tensed up and froze. The footsteps stopped right before the stairs so we couldnt tell who was there. We heard a faint laughing and a bang then saw a bullet fly past the stairway making glass shatter. I quickly grabbed Liam's wrist and pulled him into my room closing and locking the door after us. "Where exactly were you about 4 hours ago?" I asked pulling out my phone. "My mums house telling her about moving in with you." I dialed 911 and started panicking because their were footsteps comin up the stairs.

911-This is 911 how may I help you?


911-Where do you live miss?


911- Help is on the way.

The footsteps walked straight past my room.. OH MAH GOD I FORGOT ABOUT MY MUUM! I heard a scream and then sirons. My face was filled with fear and same with Liam. We heard police running around the house and knock on my bedroom door. I opened it reveiling a police pointing a gun at me. "I'm the one who called, and this is Liam I last heard the killer in my mum's room.." I said. The police man nodded his head and walked in there with the others. I seen a puddle of blood and my mom laying in it. I also seen blood trailed foot steps leading to the window that goes into the woods. I quickly kneeled next to my mum grabbing her hand. I let my tears fall fast. "I'm sorry miss, but you need to please stay away from the victem right now." on of the officers said helping my up. They took my mom on a strecher and brought her into the ambulance. I was still in my moms room kneeling where the officer put me. I heard Liam come into the room and kneel next to me. He put his arm around me and wiped some of my tears away. "She'll be ok Kate, I promise." he said hugging me tight. I sure hope he's right.

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