Life without you

Kate is new to her school and dosn't have any friends and isn't planning on making any because she's too shy. One of the most popular boys in school see's her getting pushed around by some other pops and they soon become best friends, but is that all they feel about each other?


5. Kidnapped

Kate's P.O.V

I finnaly started waking up, to see a dim lit room and two male figures. My eye sight started clearing up and I could see their faces. They were the two boys that hurt me and for some odd reason don't like me. But I don't think it's really necisary for them to kidnapp me if they just don't 'like' me. They are pretty stupid to take the cloth off and only tie up my hands. Do they really think just because I'm a girl I can't get out with my feet? They were arguing idk about but about something. "Ummm, I don't mean to interupt, but why exactly am I here??" I said stopping their conversation and making them both look my direction.. But the other boy, not the dark hair one, is different... and kinda cuute. Well w/e. "Oh your awake. GREAT!!" the dark haired boy said sarcastically. "Soooo WHAT ARE WE GONNA DO WITH HER!?" The other boy said looking annoyed. "Idk... but umm...hide her in your closet?" The dark haired boy said smirking slightly and staring in my eyes. "What the hell!? But I'm not going to argue, anyways we are at my house right now." The other boy said picking me up and walking out of the van. We walked through a house to a upstairs room. It seemed as the house was empty or his parents were away. He sat me on his bed and grabbed my hands. I jerked away as fast as I could. "WHAT IN THE BLOODY HELL ARE TRYING TO DO WITH ME!?" I said looking digusted. "Letting you free." The boy said calmly takeing my hands again. "O-okay.." "My names Liam by the way. I'm sorry bout my friend he called me and said he 'had a surprise' which I was sure surprised." "I'm Kate.. But won't your friend be mad at you and beat you up or something?" "BRODY!? He's week compared to me." He said finnaly with the rope off and in the garbage. He came over and sat on his bed next to me. I got up fast and headed towards the door. "I gotta get going my moms probaly worried sick!" I said walking out the door. Liam got up and followed me. "See you later?" he said stopping next to me by the front door. "Maybe" I said walking out the door smirking slightly. I got to my house and my mom was sitting on the couch crying. She got up and hugged me. "WHERE WERE YOU!?" She said then getting angry. How am I gonna tell  her? "Me and Louis were having such a good time that we lost track of it. Sorry:/" I said lying and then smiling. "You should have called me. Now go to bed, you have school." I smiled and went to my room and fell into a deep sleep...

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