Life without you

Kate is new to her school and dosn't have any friends and isn't planning on making any because she's too shy. One of the most popular boys in school see's her getting pushed around by some other pops and they soon become best friends, but is that all they feel about each other?


2. Hurt

Louis's P.O.V

"Hey you alright?" I asked the girl. She looked pretty hurt. "Yeah I'm fine." she replied shyly "You sure?" "Why would you care?" and with that she walked back outside.

Kate's P.O.V

I got up and walked back outside. And I saw the boy. He came up to me. "You back for more?" He said pinning me to the wall. I stayed silent. "This is my turf bitch, and I don't want you on it." He kneed me in the stomach which made me fall to the ground. This time I couldn't keep the pain in. I felt a warm tear roll down my cheek and then the boy laugh harder. The other boy that asked me about my cheek earlier came out and saw me. "OMG ARE YOU ALRIGHT!?" he yelled it as if he was scared. "n-n-no." I tried to speak but it was hard. "Of course your not. How could I be so stupid!? Let's get you to a nurse." He helped me up and helped me walk to the nurse. The nurse told me to rest for a while and she gave me two ice packs. One for my face and the other for my stomach. The day passed and I had to walk home as I was walking the boy that helped me ran up to me. "Are you getting any better?" he asked in concern. "Yeah. Thanks for earlier :)" I replyed "Ah, that was nothing :)" "Well it was a lot to me. I'm Kate by the way." "*laughs*Nice to meet you Kate:), I'm Louis! Well I was wondering if you wanted to sit by me and my friends for lunch?" "That would be nice!" "Cool! well this is my stop, see you later!" "Bye!" I said ending our conversation.

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