Life without you

Kate is new to her school and dosn't have any friends and isn't planning on making any because she's too shy. One of the most popular boys in school see's her getting pushed around by some other pops and they soon become best friends, but is that all they feel about each other?


6. Can we be still be friends?

Liam's P.O.V

It was now lunch time. I knew once Brody saw Kate at school he was gonna be pissed. But I don't care. All I care about is Kate. Brody can get pretty pissed when he wants to and she could end up in a hospital. I got my lunch and saw Kate. I walked over and sat across from her. "Hey" I said hoping she would'nt hate me because of Brody. "What do you want from me exactly?" she said not looking up from her lunch. "I just wanted to know if we can still be friends? I'm really sorry about Brody, like I said, I had no idea he had you." "What ever." "So is that a yes?" "Yea" "cool" I picked at my food not noticing Louis walk over and sit down next to Kate. "Excuse me, Liam? Get your sorry ass away from Kate. She dos'nt deserve to be beaten by you too" Louis said looking at me like I was a mistake just being born. "What?" I said surprised. Kate looked surprised and a little mad. "You heard me. It's not like I don't know what you do? Everybody knows you hang out in allys and beat people. Just stay AWAY from Kate" Louis said getting angrier "I-I-I... I'm leaving now..." I said getting up quickly and sitting at the empty table on the other side of the cafeteria. Just as I thought it could'nt get worse, well.. it did. Brody came up to me looking pissed. "This is'nt the time Brody" I said standing up to face him. I was looking at him with a desperate look. He apperently did'nt buy it and punched me hard enough to make me fall over. The lunch room went from a loud chatter to a quick and quiet silence. He kicked me in the ,well.. spot and walked away knowing after school he'll be back for more. I walked out of the lunch room and out of the school. i unlocked my car and sat in it for a while. I cried for a while knowing the good that I do is'nt good enough for people and they believe the rumors that have spread just because I don't have any friends. I seen Kate running out of the school and I quickly wiped my tears.

Kate's P.O.V

"I-I-I... I'm leaveing now" Liam quickly got up and sat at another table. "What in the bloody hell?" I snapped at Louis and he just looked at me like I was syco or high. I looked over at Liam and he wasnt there anymore. I got up and ran out the school I looked around and saw him in his car.. Crying? I ran over to his car and knock on the window. He got out and tried to look away but I lightly grabbed his face and made it face mine. He had one black eye and a bloody nose. Plus his eyes were red and puffy. "W-w-what?" He said wimpering slightly. "I'm sorry" is all I could say. I hugged him tightly and didnt want to let go. But I knew I had to :/.  "C'mon" I said grabbing his hand "No" he said pulling away from  me. "What?" "I'm going somewhere. And I don't know where because my mom is for sure going to kick me out know. So I'm packing my stuff and getting an apartment." "You can come stay with me!" Ugh classic me, my feelings of careing for people taking over me. "I mean, we have a guest bedroom thats set up and all you would need is cloths and your personal belongings." I know I sounded stupid saying that. "Really?" "yea my mom wont mind at all" "cool.. Sooo uhh do you wanna do that now?" "sure" "Okay hop in."

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