Victor saved my life.
Picture this: 19 years old, with no army experience whatsoever, forced to fight; to murder people I’ve never even met. What have they ever done to me? Nothing. So why drag me, and thousands of others, into a pointless war involving a conflict that can easily be sorted by sitting down and talking.

Years after a little dog saved Pablo's life, disaster strikes. But when the light's gone out and you're certain someone's disabled the cord, will there be Victor-y?


2. Chapter Two

Canada Research Lab, 2056

Chapter Two

“But Sandra,” Professor Irid frowned. “Couldn’t that be dangerous?”                                           Sandra Pilkings looked up from the bacteria she had found, smiling. “Maybe. Who knows? It’s not as if it’s ever going to leave the lab.”                                           

Five days ago, on a trek through the deepest darkest plains of Africa, Sandra and her team of scientists had discovered a brand new type of bacteria; one they thought could possibly be fatal if released into the environment. So far they didn’t have any names for the bacteria...she had contemplated naming it the Pilkings bug, but that had a negative effect on her last name.

Professor Irid leaned over to examine the specimen. “Of course, we’re going to have to be careful with this, Professor. We can’t afford for this bacteria to get back into the ecosystem. There could be a massive global crisis if that ever happened.”                                                                                                                                               Professor Pilkings smiled. “Then we’re going to have to be very careful, aren’t we Jeremy?”








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