Victor saved my life.
Picture this: 19 years old, with no army experience whatsoever, forced to fight; to murder people I’ve never even met. What have they ever done to me? Nothing. So why drag me, and thousands of others, into a pointless war involving a conflict that can easily be sorted by sitting down and talking.

Years after a little dog saved Pablo's life, disaster strikes. But when the light's gone out and you're certain someone's disabled the cord, will there be Victor-y?


4. Chapter Four


Chapter Four

Ella’s mum was first.

All she did was go out shopping, but the bacteria got her.

That sounds so weird, doesn’t it? ‘It got her’. Like they were just playing hide-and-seek or something. Completley disguising the fact that she died.

Even now I can still remember her dying words. That sounds so dramatic, like a corny line in a silly movie. But I do. They play round and round in my head, as if I was the one that killed her.

That was a bad time for both me and Ella. I couldn’t bear to see her upset. She was barely even there. She just wandered around like a ghost, taking nothing in. I wished I could absorb all the pain so she’d stop hurting.

By day 15, the death poll was at 20,563 worldwide. 5,788 were still in the hospital.

I remembered laughing as a child, when my brother would try to scare me with tales of how the world would end. But in those stories, the world had ended from an alien invasion or a zombie apocalypse. Not a tiny bug so small you can’t even see it with the naked eye.

Seven billion people. 20,563 of them dead. And counting.

We couldn’t even have a funeral. Nobody was allowed to leave their homes.






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