Victor saved my life.
Picture this: 19 years old, with no army experience whatsoever, forced to fight; to murder people I’ve never even met. What have they ever done to me? Nothing. So why drag me, and thousands of others, into a pointless war involving a conflict that can easily be sorted by sitting down and talking.

Years after a little dog saved Pablo's life, disaster strikes. But when the light's gone out and you're certain someone's disabled the cord, will there be Victor-y?


8. Chapter Eight

Chapter Eight

The worst thing possible happens today. Ella is ready to have the baby.

This was a day we all knew was coming, but which none of us planned for.

I automatically panic. I consider ringing an ambulance but there are two things wrong with that: A) There is no way we could possibly go outside, and B) The hospitals are all clogged with the 2056 bug – there’s no way it would be safe.

I’d read about husbands who had delivered babys’ themselves, with no expertise whatsoever, but I knew I couldn’t possibly do that.

But I also knew that if we didn’t get some help and soon, it could be fatal both for Ella and the baby.

I am torn, with no idea what to do.

I ring 999.









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