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[ COMPLETED ] ** CURRENTLY UNDERGOING EDITING DUE TO AMATEUR WRITING AND MISTAKES ** ||||| Tarin was a typical girl. She was enjoying her last year of high school, with her few close friends. She had never thought much about boys, she focused on her academics. With graduation only two months away, and university starting in four months, she had all her focus on her future career, that was until she met this boy. This boy who was like no other. This boy who would steal her heart. This boy who would change her life forever. ||||| Warning: There are scenes of sexual content, foul language, self-harm, drug use, underage alcohol use, and violence in this fan fiction. ||||| Louis Tomlinson ||||| Also can be found on wattpad, where I follow back


80. Wedding Favors


A/N: Ah! We’re already on chapter 80! And nearly 9.3k reads combined with my two accounts on wattpad/movellas! Thank you guys, ily and sadly this is slowly making its way to the ending, which is basically the end of an era for me (aka 140+ pages, and 92k+ words on Microsoft word) (oh and don’t forget a year plus of my life). Please don’t forget to comment!


-- Caycia’s POV --

Three Days Later


“Yeah, hi we’re here to pick up the wedding favors.” Penny says to the perky woman behind the counter. She adjusts her small rectangular framed glasses on her nose.

“Of course! I’ll just need your name,” her voice is higher pitched than I expected and it takes me by surprise.

“I believe it’s under Styles.” Penny beams and when she places her hand upon the countertop her engagement ring catches the sunlight and sparkles - practically lighting up the entire room.

The perky woman begins furiously typing away on her computer. She adjusts her glasses again, “Penny and Harry?” She asks.

“Yes,” Penny responds.

“Okay, hold on let me grab your order.” The woman walks away from the counter and into a small room. After a few moments she emerges with a large box bigger than the size of her small torso. She struggles to place the massive box on the counter. The woman grabs a knife and cuts the box open.

Penny opens the box and pulls out a small transparent box. Inside are the most adorable little pastel blue bird shaped salt and pepper shakers.

“Those are adorable!” I exclaim as I greedily grab the box out of her hands.

“I know! They are the cutest little things! I saw them online and I thought they were just the perfect little favors,” she smiles at me as I eye them up.  “Is this all of them?” Penny asks the perky woman.

“No, there’s another box of them in the back, I just wanted to check that you had received the correct order.” She smiles at Penny.

“Oh yes, these are definitely the right thing!”

The woman smiles and walks into the back room to grab the other aforementioned box. She places it on the counter in front of us, “okay, so here you are!” The woman types away on the computer again, “and you’ve already paid, so you can take those!”

Penny and I each grab a box and begin heading out the door, “congratulations!” The perky woman says as we are walking out the door. We place the boxes carefully in the back of Penny’s small SUV.

The drive back to Penny’s is only about five minutes, and it’s fairly silent in the car, except for the radio which is softly playing country songs that I don’t recognize because I’ve frankly never enjoyed country music. Though it’s silent in the car, it’s a comfortable silence. Penny and I have known each other for more than a decade, and so things between us are never uncomfortable. We know everything about one another, and so it’s always been this way.

The entire drive to Penny’s house I can’t help but feel nervous. I’m somewhat afraid because I know that I haven’t told her about the situation between Zayn and I. Or the situation between Louis and I. And I know we have no secrets between the two of us, but I had a legitimate reason for keeping this from her… the wedding. I just don’t want to burden her with my troubles, which seem like nothing in comparison to the fact that she’s about to forever tie her life with another human being. I will tell her, I’ll just wait until after the wedding… after she’s been on her honeymoon and she’s relaxed and has no more worries.

When we pull into her driveway we get out of the car and carry the boxes inside. It’s apparent that no one’s home when their cat scurries to the door to greet us. The cat that they adopted two days ago, and feels like she’s been here forever. She was a small little black cat, with white paws. They had decided to name her boots because of the color pattern in her fur.

Penny immediately begins making tea for the both of us and I stand in the living room gawking at the adorable little salt and pepper shakers. They were the most adorable and unique little wedding favors I’d ever seen, and I hoped I could find something as creative as these love birds for my wedding. If I ever get married…

“Here,” Penny walks up behind me and hands me a steaming cup of tea.

“Thank you,” I say to her as I grab the cup from her small hands. We stand together in her living room for a moment, sipping our teas, enjoying the silence.

“So, how’s Zayn?” Penny asks me. My pulse begins to quicken because I immediately think that she knows about the breakup. I mean, Harry and Zayn are really close, so who’s to say that Zayn didn’t already tell him? And that would mean that Harry would’ve told Penny because they literally do not keep secrets.

I fidget with the cup in my hands, and I’m terrified that it’s giving away my sudden anxiety and so I quickly place the cup down on the coffee table, “sorry it was hot.” I murmur out, “uh, yeah he’s good.” I try my best to be as vague as possible because I really don’t know if he’s good or not. Maybe he’s doing terrible. Maybe he’s living life to its fullest. Maybe he took a vacation. Maybe he’s with his family. Or maybe he’s raging because he found out that his voice recording of Louis and I suddenly went missing.

“That’s good… so everything’s good with his leg?” I feel like Penny’s pushing me, trying to get me to suddenly shout at the top of my lungs that yes we broke up and yes I’ve been keeping it a secret and yes I’m now living with Louis.

“Yes, he’s much better.” I say. I mean, it’s not a lie. His leg was doing a lot better when I saw him last.

“And everything’s good with you two?” She questions.

I feel like sweat is beading off of my body. Like my skin is a dark shade of crimson red. I feel like I can’t seem to fidget enough and like Penny’s eyes are suddenly the sun - I can’t look at them without my eyes wanting to tear up.

“I-“ I begin but suddenly the front door opens - saving me from further questioning from Penny… for now.

We both turn towards the door, and Penny’s face lights up when Harry walks through the door. My chest rises and falls, and my pulse slowly begins to beat its normal pace.  “Hi, love.” Harry says to Penny.

She places her tea down on the coffee table and walks up to him, wrapping her arms around him lovingly and placing a soft kiss to his lips. “Hi Caycia,” he says over her shoulder and smiles at me.

“Hi Harry, how are you?” I ask.

“I’ve been better, but thanks for asking.” He’s always so polite.

Penny grabs his face in her hands, “why?” she asks, “was everything okay with the meeting today?”

“No, I have some bad news.” He says and Penny’s face quickly falls.

“Oh no, what is it?”

“It’s nothing too major. It’s just -“ he rubs his hand on the back of his neck, “management is making us go to America for radio interviews and stuff. We’re performing at some awards show too.”

“Well that’s exciting news, isn’t it?” Penny is just as confused as I am.

“Well I’ll be gone for a week love.”

“Okay…” She waits for him to continue on.

“The bad thing is that I leave tomorrow… I’ll be back three days before the wedding.” Harry’s tone is saddened and yet soft as he rubs his hands up and down her arms.

Penny stands there for a moment, thinking it over. “Well I guess there’s not much we can do… I mean, you’ll be back three days before the wedding so you’ll still have time to help with last minute decisions.”

“Yeah, we’ll survive love. I wasn’t really helping with planning your big day anyways,” he says lovingly.

She smacks his arm lightly, “oh shut up! You have too!” They both giggle and turn to me. I’m standing there awkwardly, unsure of what to do with myself, or what I’ll do all by myself in Louis’ place for the next week.



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