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[ COMPLETED ] ** CURRENTLY UNDERGOING EDITING DUE TO AMATEUR WRITING AND MISTAKES ** ||||| Tarin was a typical girl. She was enjoying her last year of high school, with her few close friends. She had never thought much about boys, she focused on her academics. With graduation only two months away, and university starting in four months, she had all her focus on her future career, that was until she met this boy. This boy who was like no other. This boy who would steal her heart. This boy who would change her life forever. ||||| Warning: There are scenes of sexual content, foul language, self-harm, drug use, underage alcohol use, and violence in this fan fiction. ||||| Louis Tomlinson ||||| Also can be found on wattpad, where I follow back


55. 55


I honestly don't know how long we'd been standing there. By this point, Caycia was in hysterics. She was frantically running around the car, her hands were covered in blood. Her clothing, covered in blood. She couldn't stop running her hands through her hair, which was now thick with blood. Zayn's blood. Niall's blood. So much blood.

I didn't dare step near the car, my legs wouldn't take me no matter how hard I tried. Harry and Penny had joined us, after Harry had made a very panicked call to 911. From where I was standing I hadn't seen any movement whatsoever. No screaming, no relief wash over Caycia. I prayed that they were alive, I prayed they were still living.

The fire fighters didn't arrive long after Harry hung up the phone. They were the first responders and they came fast. The ambulance, along with the police, didn't arrive long after that. The fire fighters immediately pulled a frantic Caycia away from the site, but not without a fight. She began kicking, screaming, fighting them as much as she could. "Tell me he's alive! Please! Zayn! Please save him!"

I ran over to them, grabbing Caycia by her arms, forcing her to look me in the eyes. "Caycia you need to stop. They need to do their job. To save Zayn," I spoke to her and I felt her instantly calm under my touch, although not for long. I grabbed her arm, pulling her with me towards Harry and Penny.

The paramedics walked up to the car, assessing Niall and Zayn, quickly turning towards the firemen. "We need the jaws here!" One of them yelled. "Quick!" We all stood and watched as the firemen used the jaws of life, ripping apart what was left of Zayn's small car. The crunching of the metal was overwhelming, bringing Caycia over the edge once again. Harry and I had to hold her back, with her kicking and screaming at us once again.

The paramedics ran to the car once the firemen were done, using thick knives to cut Zayn and Niall's seatbelts. The paramedics were kneeling in blood, trying to pull their torn up bodies from the wreckage. We watched as they checked for a pulse, not giving us a sign as to if the boys were alive or dead. The paramedics were frantic, hurriedly doing things to their bodies. In the panic and frenzy I hadn't noticed that two other paramedics had brought stretchers, one from each ambulance, one for each boy.

The two men lifted Zayn's body onto the stretcher and the blood was suddenly so much more apparent. There was blood everywhere coming from Zayn. It was pouring from his head, and his legs. My heart rate quickened once again as I saw just how much he'd actually lost. He wasn't moving, his eyes weren't open and the paramedics seemed really frantic trying to get him ready for the ambulance.

I looked over to the passenger side of the wrecked car, the paramedics were standing over Niall's body, with the stretcher beside them. One of the paramedics stepped back, setting the stretcher to the lowest setting. Suddenly I heard someone screaming out in agony. I see Niall sitting up on the concrete, blood running all down to his face, which is torn up in pure pain. The paramedics wave over a fireman, and the three of them lift Niall up onto the gurney, with Niall screaming. They rolled him over to the other ambulance, easily pushing him into it and hopping inside.

"Is anyone coming with this boy?"

"Is anyone coming with us?" The paramedics with Zayn called.

We all looked at each other.

"I need to drive the car," Harry said.

"I'm going with Zayn," Caycia said for the first time without screaming.

"I'll go with Niall," Penny was already running to the ambulance.

Which left Harry, Caycia and I standing there. "You want to come with me?" Harry asked me.

I simply nodded. Harry started to walk away and I turned to look at Penny hopping into Niall's ambulance. I looked at Caycia quickly before following Harry who was a few steps in front of me.

"Wait!" She yelled after me, grabbing my wrist lightly. "I need you." She practically whispered in all of the chaos. I nodded.

"You know what mate, I'm going to go with Zayn, Caycia seems a little out of it," I said to Harry. He simply raised his hand, waving to me before hopping into his SUV. I heard the sirens on Niall's ambulance begin again as it made its way to the hospital.

Cacyia grabbed my hand, pulling me towards the ambulance with Zayn inside. Inside the ambulance it was pure chaos. Zayn still wasn't moving. He was either dead or unconscious. They ripped his shirt in two, exposing the various tattoos inked into his skin. They placed an oxygen mask on his mouth frantically, starting the IV and checking his body for other injuries.

Zayn's face was scratched to hell. Various cuts had adorned his once perfect skin. Most of them were quite deep, deep enough to draw quite a bit of blood. The back of his head was especially bleeding, staining the stretcher with thick red stains. There were pieces of glass stuck everywhere within his skin. Small fragments were stuck in his face, his neck, and a fairly large piece about the size of a tennis ball was partially jammed into the skin on his stomach. His eyes were already swollen and bruising although the accident had happened maybe ten minutes ago.

It was quite apparent that something in his leg was broken. His leg was bleeding and the paramedics were applying different types of bandage to it, giving it their best attempt to soak up the liquid. One good sign about the blood: Zayn's heart was still beating.

Normally I would've gotten sick from the frantic, high speed driving, however these were special circumstances. Caycia was shrivelled up beside me, gripping onto my hand again. The tears were spilling over, her eyes were nearly as swollen as Zayn's.

They were still working on Zayn, checking his heart rate often. I found myself speechless, as if I'd lost my tongue in that moment and could no longer talk. When we pulled up to the hospital, I had to look out the front windshield a few times, surprised we'd arrived so quickly.

The paramedic in the back threw the doors open quickly, revealing a few more paramedics and nurses. They pushed Zayn out the doors quickly, wheeling him into the hospital before Caycia and I even knew what was going on.

I grabbed her hand, pulling her with me into the hospital. We watched as they pushed Zayn through doors, and we ran after them. A doctor stood in front of us, "you can't go in there. Not unless you're family."

"I'm his girlfriend!" Cacyia yelled at him, frantically.

"I'm his best mate! Let us in!" I screamed.

"I'm sorry we can't," he said simply.

"Fuck! Let us in! We are his family!"

"Sir, please. Have a seat, we'll update you on his condition when we can." He used the clipboard in his hand to point towards the large seating room.

"Caycia! Louis!" I turned my head around to see Penny running towards us, tears streaming down her face.

She tackled us both in a hug. "Oh god! I hope they'll be okay!" She yells out.

The doors to the hospital slide open, "babe!" Penny cries out, running towards him. Harry's eyes are bloodshot, and she uses the back of her hand to wipe the stray tears away.

We all sit down in the waiting room, waiting for some sort of news on the boys. We sit there talking of stories, reminiscing on the good times, trying our best to distract ourselves from what'd just happened. Trying our best to push the sight of the accident to the back of our minds. I looked at the clock, it'd been two hours since we arrived. The doctor from earlier approached us, "we have some news."

We all stiffened in our seats, wanting him to get the news out already. "So your friends Niall Horan and Zayn Malik, they're both alive and breathing." We all sighed in relief, with Penny and Caycia beginning crying again. "Niall has suffered from a back sprain and he is in quite a bit of pain so he will have to be in a wheelchair for a little while. When he's ready to get out of the wheelchair, he'll be using a cane for a bit. We were lucky; he was close to breaking his back. He was close to never walking again. He's beaten up pretty badly. He's bruised and cut up all over his chest, arms and face. We had to pull quite a bit of glass out of his face and chest, but he will heal. However, he seems quite determined to walk on his own again, so I'm sure he will be fine. He was in a lot of pain when we were done pulling the glass out of him and so we gave him some pain medication and he's sleeping. I wouldn't suggest visiting him, although I can't stop you, so if you do visit him, please don't wake him."

Caycia was on the edge of her seat, literally, "and what about-?"

"Zayn's a bit more under the weather. Zayn was unresponsive for quite a while there, and we were quite worried he wasn't going to make it. He's a fighter though, he pulled through. He hit his head really badly in the rollover and suffered quite a severe concussion, his memory may be a little foggy as well. Not just of the accident, but other small memories."

Caycia gasped, "like what sorts of things?"

"Well it's nothing major. Most people remember what they did last Friday for lunch, Zayn may have forgotten. However, he shouldn't have any further memory loss. From what we can tell his long term and short term memory are still intact."

We all sighed a breath of relief.

"However, Zayn did lose quite a bit of blood, and we had to find a donor. Luckily he has the most common blood type so it was no issue finding blood for him. He is bruised and scraped up quite a bit more than Niall, and I'm afraid that some of the cuts may scar parts of his body and possibly his face. We had to pull a fairly large shard of glass from one of the windows from his abdomen, and we needed to put about nine stitches there. He was lucky it didn't go in deep enough to hit any internal organs, but there will be a scar there most likely. Zayn also suffered from a fractured tibia and so we had to put a cast on his right leg, so he will be in a wheelchair for a few days as he adjusts from the accident and then we will have him on crutches."

"Thank god," Harry breathed out.

"Is he awake?" I spoke.

"When I left the room he was awake. We have him on quite a bit of morphine right now because he was in a lot of pain. He was really out of it when I left to come here to tell you the news. However, they have a doctor working on him right now because he has a lot of tiny little glass fragments lodged into the back of his head. We have a doctor with some tweezers trying her best to get every little fragment out of his scalp to prevent infection. So you can go visit him, but he may either be asleep by now or he will be really out of it."

We all stood up, knowing exactly where we were going. Penny and Harry headed to Niall's room, while I followed Penny to Zayn's room. We walked into the room, to find a lady with tweezers and a large set of microscope-type glasses picking at Zayn's scalp. Caycia ran to Zayn's side, picking up his limp hand in hers. "Zayn, Zayn," was all she managed to say.

I walked up to her side. Zayn was even more swollen and bruised than he was before. Caycia simply stood there, holding Zayn's hand as the doctor continued pulling glass out of him. The small metal tray beside her was half covered in fragments.

The footsteps of the nurse behind me, made me turn around, "Ma'am we are going to need you to leave. He needs to rest for the night here."

"Wh-what?" Caycia stuttered out.

"You need to go home, get some rest."

"No. I want to stay here. I want to be here when he wakes up."

"I'm sorry ma'am you cannot do that."

"Too bad, I'm staying." Caycia spat back.

"Caycia c'mon we need to let him rest." I grabbed her arm.

She ripped her arm from my grip, "No Louis. I want to stay here."

"Caycia," I grabbed her arms, forcing her to look me in the eyes, "you know just as well as I do that he's not going to wake up till tomorrow. We will be back tomorrow morning. He will be fine. You need to rest."

Her eyes welled up with tears, "okay." She gave in to me.


"I need you," I breathed into the phone. Hanging up, I placed it on the table beside my bed.

I rolled over, sighing with defeat. There was no way I was sleeping. Those moments when you're lying in bed are when you are forced to think about everything you've been trying so hard to forget.

I had been in hysterics for the last three hours waiting at the hospital. My mind was racing with thoughts of Zayn. What if Zayn suddenly took a turn for the worse? What if I never got to tell him I loved him again? What if we never spoke again? What if he had memory loss and didn't remember me? I didn't know what to think anymore.

I had been tossing for hours now. The adrenaline was still flowing through me, my throat still ached. Never had I screamed so hard in my life. I just wanted to be holding Zayn.

Then there was that part of me that felt guilty. Niall shouldn't have been in that car. I should have been in that car with Zayn. I was supposed to be sitting beside him. It would've been me in the accident. It would've been me with a sprained back, in a wheelchair for a bit, maybe I would've died. Who knows? Everything just happened so quickly that my brain still hasn't processed everything fully yet.

Then there's that part of me that is so angry. Angry at the other driver. The driver who drove through a red light and hit them. Was the driver drunk? On drugs? Or were they just really fucking dumb and decided to run through the light? I just wanted to go find this person, and put them through exactly what Niall and Zayn are going through as they try to heal.

The emotions in me are running wild, and I realize I'm crying again. It's when I hear those footsteps on our hardwood walking towards my bed that I begin to calm again. I can't help it. He pulls the cover back, lying down beside me. I easily slide into his side, fitting perfectly.

I cry even harder, staining Louis' t-shirt with my waterfall of tears.

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