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[ COMPLETED ] ** CURRENTLY UNDERGOING EDITING DUE TO AMATEUR WRITING AND MISTAKES ** ||||| Tarin was a typical girl. She was enjoying her last year of high school, with her few close friends. She had never thought much about boys, she focused on her academics. With graduation only two months away, and university starting in four months, she had all her focus on her future career, that was until she met this boy. This boy who was like no other. This boy who would steal her heart. This boy who would change her life forever. ||||| Warning: There are scenes of sexual content, foul language, self-harm, drug use, underage alcohol use, and violence in this fan fiction. ||||| Louis Tomlinson ||||| Also can be found on wattpad, where I follow back


48. 48


"Okay okay, shut up!" I yelled.

"Well Zayn says your snoring has woken him up more than a few times," Louis said, stifling a laugh.

"Yeah right! I don't snore! He's such a bullshitter!" I exclaimed, rolling my eyes.

Louis snorted, not being able to contain his laughter anymore. He slammed his hands on the steering wheel, gasping for air from his boisterous laughter. I watched his body rock with laughter, realizing just how much I missed his company. I smiled, and he looked at me, smiling back.

"What?" He asked, looking at me curiously while never taking his eyes off mine.

I looked away quickly, feeling my cheeks flush. "I uh - it's just -" I sighed, "it's nice seeing you smile. You haven't smiled much since I've seen you . . ." I trailed off, feeling slightly awkward with what I'd just said.

When I looked back at him I couldn't take my eyes off of him. He was driving, looking out the front windshield. One of his arms was on the top of the steering wheel and I eyed up his bare arms, filled with numerous tattoos. It was the first time I'd actually gotten a look at his tattoos. I admired them, the bird, the compass, the skateboarding stickman, the cup of tea and that was just some of them. I admired the bird the most, loving the shading, the size, loving everything about it.

Then my eyes went up to his face, admiring the familiar curve of his jawline and his cheekbones. He looked so different now, so grown up. His hair was longer now, pushed back and I loved that it no longer covered his beautiful blue eyes. I couldn't lie to myself, I was still attracted to him, I mean he was a very attractive man. He still had that slim body but he was much more muscular now, much of his arms were covered with various tattoos. I couldn't complain, his tattoos were extremely sexy. I found myself wondering where else he had tattoos on his body.

"Thank you," he practically whispered, interrupting my inappropriate thoughts. "I feel good." He looked at me and smiled meekly. I smiled back, reaching out to touch his hand which was resting on the gear shifter. I watched his body tense at my touch but ignored it, realizing we were at the mall.

We got out of the car, walking closely together into the building. "So where to first?" He asked, looking down at me. I hadn't realized how tall he'd grown. I now had to raise my chin to look into his eyes. "Well, I wanted to buy a dress for the date Zayn and I have tomorrow night . . . that, and some new knickers." I looked back up at him, curious to his reaction. I watched as his body stiffened, that one muscle pulsing in his jaw that I remember only happened when he was turned on. I smirked, feeling surprised that his reaction made me feel happy.

I watched as he swallowed slowly, his Adam's apple bobbing up and down. He was gaining composure before talking, "well then we'd better get to shopping love," he smiled at me, nudging my arm lightly.

We walked into a dress shop, and I immediately began going through the racks overwhelmed with excitement practically squealing with excitement. There were dresses everywhere and I didn't even know where to start. I looked at Louis, biting my lip to hold back a smile. He smiled back. "Well, start picking out dresses already!" He exclaimed, throwing his arms up into the air. I squealed with excitement before scanning through the racks to find dresses that were both sexy and elegant enough for the date Zayn and I had planned.

"Okay, what is on the itinerary for this date?" He asked and I raised an eyebrow curious as to why he was asking, "y'know so I know like what sort of dress we're looking for here."

"Well, it's dinner reservations with his sisters," I said and he raised an eyebrow at me this time, "so I want to look sexy, but not sexy enough that his sisters will think I'm a whore." He laughed at me.

"Well, this is an absolutely ravishing dress," Louis held up this absolutely stunning little black dress. It was knee length with a low V. It had a cute ruffle on the hips to accentuate my curves, with small detailed lace trim around the bottom hem. I gasped when he held it up, feeling like I never had to look at another dress again.

"It's perfect," I whispered reaching out to touch it.

Louis smiled, "c'mon love, let's go try it on." He placed his right hand on the small of my back, leading me towards the dressing room. I never flinched, I never reacted. It seemed so completely natural and for a moment I forgot that we weren't dating.

When we got to the dressing rooms I chose one, hanging my dress up and turning to face Louis who was already sitting on a couch facing towards my room. His legs were spread apart and his arms were resting on the back of the couch like every other man in this world does. I eyed up his body before pulling the curtain between us.

I took all of my clothes off before unzipping the back of the dress. Slipping into it, I turned to face the mirror. "Wow," I said to myself. The dress was beautiful. It fit every curve of my body, revealing the perfect amount of cleavage and still feeling elegant and classy. I reached behind me to zip up the zipper. "Damn," I breathed knowing I would need help to zip it up.

"Hey uh - Louis?"

"What's up?" I heard his voice say from behind the curtain.

"I need your help."

"With what?"

I sighed not wanting to do this, "I can't reach the zipper. Can you come in here?" I waited for a response but before I could get one he was maneuvering around the curtain, trying not to let others passing by see me. "My arms are too short," I pouted.

"Turn around," he instructed and I did as he asked. I squeezed my eyes shut, knowing that I was wearing fairly racy underwear, hoping that he couldn't see, although I was sure he could. I felt his fingers lightly touching my lower back, and occasionally my rear, fiddling with the zipper. I gasped slightly at his touch, hoping he hadn't noticed. Then his fingers effortlessly pulled the zipper up and I turned to face him.

"Well?" I asked him, but his expression already told me the answer.

"It's - Cayc . . . It's - you look beautiful. I'm sorry, I think I just swallowed my tongue," he joked and I blushed furiously.

"Thank you," I whispered, still blushing. And at that moment I realized just how close we really were. Our bodies were touching, chests just inches from each other, rising and falling in the same pattern. I stared into his eyes for what felt like forever, forgiving him for everything he'd ever done and he stared back into mine. I reminisced. I remembered just how much I loved his beautiful eyes and his soft, loving touch. I remembered his voice and how badly I craved hearing my name off of his sweet lips.

"Do you want me to unzip you?" he asked and I nodded my head, rendered speechless. I turned around and he unzipped me, slower than before. I was extremely aware of the fact that his head was just above my shoulder, inhaling my scent and looking down the front of my dress. And as his fingers moved slower I realized he was teasing me. He knew that his touch drove me mad. I arched my back, sticking out my rear and giving him a better view of my breasts. I could feel him smirking, but I didn't dare look him in the eyes. I felt his hands on my neck, pushing my hair to my left shoulder. Still he stood behind me and I could suddenly feel his hot breath on my neck, "I'll be waiting," he breathed and then he left the change room and I couldn't help but feel that it meant more than he intended. He wasn't just waiting for me to change . . . he was waiting for me, waiting for us.

* * *


"That was actually a lot of fun," Caycia said, smacking me on the arm, "until you put sand in my top," and she lifted the front of her bikini still pulling clumps of sand out. I stared in awe, knowing what was underneath that tiny piece of fabric. We had already been to the mall, where she took me dress shopping. She chose this fantastically beautiful little black dress which showed off her curves. She did look absolutely ravishing in it, I wasn't lying. Then when she couldn't reach her zipper I had to come in and zip it up for her. Of course I noticed her lace bra and panties I mean, how couldn't I? And then we had a moment, both of us knew. So when I zipped her up, I teased her a little. Whether she was aware of it or not, I really didn't know. All I did know was that after that moment she was all flirty with me.

We went lingerie shopping so she could buy this sexy little ensemble for Zayn. How in the hell did I get roped into helping my ex choose lingerie that she's wearing for my best mate? She was all flirty with me, trying on several ensembles, me very uncomfortably and un-sexily covering my erection, while watching her dance and show off each and every outfit. I couldn't help but feel as though she was showing off for me, it didn't seem to bother her one bit that she was scantily clad in front of her ex-boyfriend. In the end she ended up choosing three ensembles. Her favorite, my favorite and the one she loved too much to give up.

Then we went for ice cream. She got her favorite, the ice cream with the little peanut butter cups and then we headed to the beach. I couldn't help but smile every moment I was with her. It was incredible just how much fun she could be. I had forgotten how carefree and full of life she was. I had to admit, she was a very different person now, but I loved who she had become. The tattoos, the piercings, the short blonde hair, it all suited her. Never in my life had I seen a more beautiful woman.

Now we were in the car, driving back to her and Zayn's flat. I couldn't help but feel a pang of disappointment, knowing that our day was soon to end and she'd end her day in Zayn's arms. "Hey, why didn't you take your shirt off at the beach?" She asked and I looked at her, quickly placing my eyes back on the road, "I mean, not that I wanted you to . . . I was just curious. Do you have like a tat that you don't want people seeing or something?"

My expression saddened, my fingers lightly tracing over the area on my lower stomach where the quote was. The quote of the song which we had our first slow dance to. I wasn't ready for her to see it yet. It had to be the perfect timing. I realized that the quote was small and even if I would've taken my shirt off the only way she would've been able to read it was if she was a few inches from my stomach, but it didn't matter. There was no way I was ready for her to know that she was forever inked into my skin. "No, I just - I didn't want to get sunburn." She laughed at me.

"There's such thing as sunscreen, goofball." She continued laughing and I laughed along with her.

"I know, I just hate the smell of sunscreen so I prefer to wear my shirt."

"Yeah I get that. Most people hate the smell of sunscreen. I'm surprised they don't make different scents. Business idea! Strawberry scented sunscreen!"

I laughed, "you're ridiculous Tare."

She laughed too and then we drove the rest of the way in comfortable silence.

As we pulled up to the street which their flat was on she broke the silence, "maybe you should park on the other block over there . . . y'know so when Zayn gets home he can park in the driveway, and he won't be wondering why you're here visiting me." I pulled my car onto the other block, hoping and praying that this was my chance to finally be with Caycia the way I wanted to.

* * *

"Would you like a beer?" Caycia asked me.

"Sure, you know how I like it," I smiled at her.

She smiled back, pulling two Corona's out of the fridge and placing a lime wedge in each. When we got back to her and Zayn's flat we chose a movie to watch, debating on whether to watch The Grudge or The Back Up Plan, eventually choosing The Back Up Plan. We had microwaved a bowl of popcorn, setting up the media room in the back end of the house. The moment we walked into the house Caycia changed into these little pajama short shorts, barely covering her rear and a spaghetti strap tank top. And as she placed the lime wedges in the beer I admired the way the tight tank top showed off the curve of her breasts, the bulge of her belly button ring and just a hint of her hip bones were exposed.

"Here," she handed me my bottle of beer, and walked in front of me, leading me towards the media room. I took advantage of this, eyeing up the way her rear looked in the short shorts. I felt my pants tighten as my erection began throbbing like earlier.

When we arrived in the room we sat together on the couch as the movie began to play. She smiled at me, and I remembered just how much she loved watching romantic comedies. We sat together, sipping our beers and eating handfuls of popcorn. I'd watch her laugh, surprised by just how beautiful her laugh was every time. At the scene when the main characters Stan and Zoe are at Stan's family farm, they make love for the first time. I watched Caycia's reaction, wishing that was us two at this moment. Then during the scene where Stan and Zoe break up after a series of revelations I watched in awe as Caycia's hand slowly moved over to mine to intertwine our fingers without looking in my direction. I smiled, completely content with this moment.

As the movie continued, she eventually turned to face me, and without speaking she instructed me to move closer to her. I did as she told me to, I scooted to my right, our thighs now touching. We were now both sitting on the right side of the couch and her hands went up to fist her fingers in my shirt. She was no longer watching the movie, I now had her full gaze. She pulled my the V of my shirt down, exposing one of my latest tattoos. Her fingers went to lightly trace the lettering and I had to bite my lip to keep from making any noise.

She looked back up at me, and I longed to press my lips to hers. Suddenly she flattened her palms out against my chest, pushing me onto my back. I was now lying on the couch and she stood up, placing one leg over my torso and straddling me. I groaned and she smirked in approval "Shh," she whispered as she held a single index finger up to her lips. My hands went to touch the skin that was now exposed on her lower stomach, her scars very clear and I felt my heart drop once I ran my fingers over them again.

She leaned forward over me, pressing her breasts into my chest and I groaned once again in approval. She smirked, clearly amused by the power she had over me. I ran my hands down her sides to squeeze her rear. She bucked her hips into me, into my quickly growing erection, moaning as she did so. She leaned in closer to me, whispered hotly in my ear, "Lou." I puffed hot air on the exposed skin on her neck, and watched as goosebumps appeared. I leaned forward, softly kissing her neck. She leaned her head back. I hadn't forgotten just how much she loved neck kisses. I wanted so badly to give her a love bite but I had to hold myself back, knowing she'd be with Zayn later.

I continued to kiss her neck, hearing her soft moans. I kissed beneath her ear, feeling her neck vibrate as she moaned once more. Suddenly she grabbed my face with both of her hands and kissed me softly. She bit my lower lip and I tasted the blood. "Fuck," I murmured. She continued kissing me slowly, torturing me. She slipped her tongue into my mouth and my hands instinctively moved up the hem of her shirt to feel the soft skin on her back. God had I missed this. I couldn't see much of her body in the darkness of the room, but it was enough to drive me wild.

We were kissing in perfect rhythm, and I could taste the cigarettes on her breath, but it wasn't enough to be overwhelming. She still tasted sweet like she always had. I could feel our heart beats racing like hummingbirds' wings. I relished this moment, never ever wanting to forget it. Never wanting it to end. And as if the universe could hear my thoughts, Caycia stopped kissing me. She sat up straight on top of me, head flinging in the direction of the door faster than I'd ever seen. "Oh my god," she whispered, eyes wide in shock as she stared at me.

"What?" I whispered back, never taking my hands off her sides.

"Zayn," she whispered, eyes still wide.


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