Constant | Louis Tomlinson

[ COMPLETED ] ** CURRENTLY UNDERGOING EDITING DUE TO AMATEUR WRITING AND MISTAKES ** ||||| Tarin was a typical girl. She was enjoying her last year of high school, with her few close friends. She had never thought much about boys, she focused on her academics. With graduation only two months away, and university starting in four months, she had all her focus on her future career, that was until she met this boy. This boy who was like no other. This boy who would steal her heart. This boy who would change her life forever. ||||| Warning: There are scenes of sexual content, foul language, self-harm, drug use, underage alcohol use, and violence in this fan fiction. ||||| Louis Tomlinson ||||| Also can be found on wattpad, where I follow back


18. 18

I rolled over, reaching for the warmth that is Louis' body. Much to my disappointment he wasn't in bed beside me. I stood up, wrapping the sheet around my body into a messy dress. I looked in the mirror to see my hair a mess, knotted and tangled from the sex we'd had. I grabbed a ponytail out of my purse, putting my hair up into a messy bun.

I slowly made my way out of the room, slight headache beginning from the wine I'd consumed last night. I walked out of the room, into the main hall and towards the kitchen. I could smell food being cooked, the smell of bacon and pancakes.

I stepped into the kitchen to see Louis cooking pancakes in his boxers. His back was toned and tanned, and I wanted to run my fingers down the length of the soft skin on his back. His hair was disheveled from me running my fingers through it, though he'd never looked more perfect standing there.

I walked towards him, wrapping my arms around his waist, exposing my naked flesh on the front of my body. I felt him smirk as I pressed my naked breasts into his back. "Mmm, good morning love. How'd you sleep?" He said, as he slowly turned towards me. His voice was rough and husky in the morning and it was extremely sexy. That with his accent nearly drove me over the edge. He took a moment to eye my naked body up and down before grabbing me and pulling me in for a sweet morning kiss.

"Best I've ever slept," I smiled.

He smiled back at me, "do you have cozy clothes you can wear babe?"

I shook my head no, "I only brought my dress." I felt my cheeks flush when I remembered why I'd worn it and not comfy clothes.

"Well, it was one hell of a sexy dress, but it can't be comfy to wear in the morning. Feel free to go through my drawers and grab sweats and a tee if you'd like." His hands were on my hips, caressing the soft flesh there.

"Okay, thank you Louis," I said as I kissed his plump lips once more before hiding my naked body under the sheet and beginning to walk away. But before I could make it far he grabbed my arm, pulling me back around and un-tucking my arms, exposing my naked body once more.

"You're so beautiful love," he said, his hands touching every inch of flesh. I moaned, leaning closer and touching his soft skin. I slowly rubbed my hands over his stomach. He had abs, though they weren't entirely noticeable. When he stood there his muscles were toned, but only when he bent over slightly could I see the outlines of the abs. He shivered under my touch. I watched as goosebumps appeared on his skin wherever I touched.

He leaned down, kissing the crook in my neck. I felt pain and I immediately knew he was giving me a love bite. He stopped just as fast as he had started, and I knew it was because he didn't want to hurt me. His lips trailed small kisses up my jawline, painfully slowly. He trailed the kisses back towards my ear, "go get dressed love, breakfast is almost ready," before nibbling lightly on my ear, making my entire body writhe with arousal.

I kissed his lips, biting his bottom lip and looking up into his eyes, "you have to get dressed too."

"I will after you love," and with that he turned me around, lightly slapping my bottom and watching me walk out. I smirked knowing he was watching me as I made my way back to his bedroom.

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