Subways can be dangerous. They could tip over and crush anyone. In this book Molly was on a subway when she meets him.


3. Questions

What is happening?! Who the hell is he?! Thoughts and questions where racing through my mind. Where did he come from? While I was thinking, the police were questioning me."Miss Glass, where were you on the train?" A police man asked. He was pretty big, and he had really small eyes. He had a cute little chubby baby face. I had to keep myself from laughing. I could hear the song Wobble from Family Force 5 coming from an old boombox in the distance.

"I was on the third compartment." I said rocking my heads back and forth to the music. 

"And how did you wound up in the first one?" He asked. I had a half eating donut in his right hand. He had his left hand holding his gun. I kept glances back at the gun, I was freaking out because I thought he planning to shoot."Don't worry. I'm not going to shoot you." He said ,laughing, when he noticed I was starring at the gun.

"I was hanging onto the pole when someone flew at the door and it broke. He fell out a ways back. I was holding as tight as I could to the pole, but my hand slipped when the train came to a sudden stop. I flew out and hit my head. Once I got my footing I ran up to the first compartment of people to tell them to get off the train. I went to all of the other compartments to tell them the same thing. Once they where off, I called you guys." I said. The song on the boombox changed, now it was Shake it by Metro Station. I couldn't help but mouth the lyrics in the song. 

"Did you say something?" He asked when he saw me mouthing the words.

"Oh! No I was just mouthing the words to the song." I said, smiling."Can I go now? I need to find my father." 

"I just need you to get your head check to see if you have a concussion, then you'll be free to go." He said. I said thank you and walked up to the ambulance. They checked my head, there was no concussion and they let me go. I walked to the station and found my dad.

"What happened?! Are you alright?" He asked me.

"Don't worry dad, I'm fine. I'll tell more about what happened on the way back home." I said. We started walking up the stairs to the surface. 

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