Subways can be dangerous. They could tip over and crush anyone. In this book Molly was on a subway when she meets him.


2. Boy saving a train with just hand?

There was no room to sit. I hung on to a pole near the door. It was crowded in the train. There was this crazy man mumbling about his nickle next to me. We were almost near the stop when an explosion rang out. People on the bus screamed. The train was going faster than it should be and we passed the stop. The big guy flew at the door and crashed into it. The door broke of and he flew out. I could feel the pressure of the wind pulling me out the door, I was holding tightly to the pole. The train started coming to a stop, but it was still going. I lost my grip to the pole and flew out of the train. I landed onto the tracks and hit my head, hard, against the track. But not hard enough to knock me out. 

I was right next to the train while it was stopping. I quickly got up and ran to the railing. I ran up towards the front of the train. Sparks were flying everywhere while the train tried to stop. I found my way to the front of the train and saw a boy. It was the boy I meat that pretended to know me. He had his back against the front of the train and his arms out, stopping the train. I looked in front of him and saw there was a big hole going down. How is he doing that? I asked myself. The train stopped and he let go of it. He looked over and saw me. His eyes widened and he quickly vanished. What the hell is going on, I thought. 

I could here screaming inside the train. I ran up to the first compartment and the doors opened. I tolled everyone to go out and climb onto the concrete across from us. I went to all the compartments and tolled them the same thing. In my mind, I was still processing what the man did. All I know is that he stopped the train with just his arms and back. That seems about right, I said laughing to myself.

Once everyone was off the train, I called 911. When they came, they asked me a whole lot of questions. 

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