Emily's Story

Emily is an eighteen year old girl living in England. Her step father and she plans to escape right after graduation. The only problem is she has to take her little sister Kylie with her. What happens when she meets Zayn a dark haired boy who cares too much? And Liam who cant bear to have her leave when she goes back to their hotel? On top of that, can she manage to stay out of her step father's grasp while taking on the new face of One Direction's family?


5. Offer - with a catch


                 “Why don’t you come stay with us for a while,” Zayn gestured to himself and the man standing beside him.

                “We’re good thanks,” I pressed and turned. My ankle really hurt now but I struggled not to limp in front of them.

                “Please. Just for a couple of days until your foot is healed. I’m sure Kylie would enjoy it,” Zayn called. I sighed and looked at Kylie. Her face was lit up and she nodded.

                “I don’t know them,” I whispered to her.

                “It’s okay. They won’t hurt us,” She replied. I turned around and saw the pleading in Zayn’s eyes.

                “Please,” He said again. I could see the pain in his eyes and again I saw his gaze fall on my arm. I looked down and saw part of the bruise showing. He knew he had been caught but he still took the closing steps towards me. “You’ll be okay with us,” He assured me and I don’t know why but I believed him and I nodded.

                “Who’s that?” I asked Zayn quietly gesturing to the man beside him.

                “That’s Liam,” Kylie spoke up. I looked at Kylie and forced a smile and then focused on Liam.

                “Hi,” Liam said. Getting a good look at Liam took my breath away. He was very attractive with his light brown hair and very well built body. But safety came first in this equation so I forced oxygen in my lungs to respond.

                “Hi,” I replied. “So um…where are you guys staying?” I asked.

                “In a penthouse. It’s pretty sweet,” Zayn answered. “Let’s go let’s go!” He ushered us. I prepared to start walking with Kylie again but Liam walked over and held his arms out to Kylie who was thrilled to go to him. I frowned.

                “Kylie I-“I started to protest but then I was in Zayn’s arms. “Put me down,” I growled at him.

                “There’s no way I’m letting you walk on that ankle,” Zayn replied while shaking his head. I tried to struggle free of his hold but he just held me tighter. “No,” He said again. I kept struggling.

                “Please Emily?” Kylie requested from Liam’s arms. I looked at her and since she was pleading I gave in and stopped fighting Zayn.

                “Stop smirking,” I grumbled to Zayn. He chuckled so I was bounced up and down.

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