Emily's Story

Emily is an eighteen year old girl living in England. Her step father and she plans to escape right after graduation. The only problem is she has to take her little sister Kylie with her. What happens when she meets Zayn a dark haired boy who cares too much? And Liam who cant bear to have her leave when she goes back to their hotel? On top of that, can she manage to stay out of her step father's grasp while taking on the new face of One Direction's family?


6. My Turn


                “So you really don’t recognize Liam or I?” Zayn questioned me. I thought about it for a second but I didn’t come up with anything so I shook my head. “Well Liam, me and three of our friends are all in a band,” He told me.

                I looked away from him. “I won’t let you get hurt again,” Zayn said with so much sureness that I almost believed him.

                “Why?” I questioned him.

                “Why what?” He asked in response.

                “Why are you taking us in? Why do you care for us so much?” I inquired.

                “I don’t know. I guess it’s just because I feel like I have a connection with you. Like I was meant to help you,” He answered. I nodded. It felt right with him; not in the romantic sense but in the ‘I’ll protect you’ sense. Even so, I still wouldn’t let my guard down.

                “Do you mind if I ask you a question?” He asked. I looked at him skeptically trying to figure out what he was going to ask me. I sighed and looked down.

                “Will you let me walk?” I questioned.

                “Only until we get to the corner,” He answered. I looked towards the corner; it was less than twenty feet away. Finally I nodded, still not looking up at him. “Other than your arm and foot is there any place that is hurt?” He inquired.

                I wasn’t sure if my make-up had come off my face as it had my arm. Regardless, I shook my head. “Now your turn,” I told him. He put me down but kept hold of my left arm to support me while I walked. “Let go. I’m pretty sure I can walk,” I insisted. He shook his head. I turned my head and saw Liam putting Kylie down. She walked over to me.

                “Em can we stay with them for a while? Please?” She asked me.

                “We don’t know them and it would be imposing,” I replied as I shook my head.

                “No it wouldn’t,” Zayn piped up. I shot a glare at him before turning back to Kylie.

                “We will talk about it later baby,” I said to Kylie and pulled her towards me.

                “My turn,” Liam announced. We all looked towards him.

                “For what?” Zayn asked.

                “To carry Emily of course,” Liam replied to Zayn. Zayn just nodded.

                “No no no. Do not talk about me like I’m not there. And I’m walking the rest of the way,” I argued stepping back.

                “There’s still ten minutes til we get back. And I refuse to let you walk that far,” Zayn said walking towards me. I ran down the street a little bit.

“You are going to hurt yourself,” Liam called still down the street. I knew they were right. But I didn’t want them carrying me. The proximity was too close and if it was with Liam I could very well get distracted.

I waited for them to catch up with me. Once they were about ten feet from me I turned and began walking again. Less than a second later Liam had me in his arms. I groaned and looked back to Zayn and Kylie. Kylie was smiling but Zayn’s face was hard. I looked back up to Liam.

“This is totally unfair,” I snapped at Liam. He seemed unfazed by my comment and started walking again. His eyes locked on my face so I looked away. I could feel Liam’s warm skin on mine – I wanted to savor the moment. After another five minutes I dared to look up at Liam. His eyes focused on the road and I found my own eyes tracing the planes of his face. Liam looked at me then and our eyes locked.

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