Emily's Story

Emily is an eighteen year old girl living in England. Her step father and she plans to escape right after graduation. The only problem is she has to take her little sister Kylie with her. What happens when she meets Zayn a dark haired boy who cares too much? And Liam who cant bear to have her leave when she goes back to their hotel? On top of that, can she manage to stay out of her step father's grasp while taking on the new face of One Direction's family?


3. Graduation


                 In the morning I woke up at 7. I stretched and got out of bed nervous about the day. I changed into sweats and a T-shirt because Mrs. Martin said she would help me get ready. I marched down the stairs making breakfast for Rob and Kylie quickly. I packaged the plate for Rob and then headed upstairs with the plate for Kylie.

                “Baby come on get up,” I told her when I got upstairs. She yawned and sat up. As she ate the breakfast I made, I looked through her half of the closet for a dress. I found a pretty pink one for her to wear and laid it out on the bed. When she was finished eating she changed into it. “You’re so pretty,” I told her.

                She looked at me and reached up to touch my face. Her fingers traced along one of the bruises there. “I’m fine,” I assured her when I realized I had forgotten to apply the concealer.

                I packed my things for the day; hair products, make-up, my dress, heels, and jewelry. Kylie and I were about to start the walk to Tyler’s house when his car pulled up. “Hop in.” He said. “Mom didn’t want you guys to walk the mile and a half,” He explained. I nodded as we climbed in the car. “So you wearing that to graduation huh?” He mocked.

                “Haha very funny,” I replied without humor in my voice.

                “Are you okay Ems?” He asked me abruptly.

                “Yeah I’m fine,” I answered. He looked at me and nodded but his eyes told me that he knew I was lying. We reached his house in less than two minutes.

                “Emily!!” His mother exclaimed when she saw me.

                “Hi Mrs. Martin,” I said trying to enforce enthusiasm in my voice. “I left you large margins of room to work with because I knew you’ve always wanted a daughter to play dress-up with,” I added.

                “How sweet of you darling.” She told me. “Kylie would you like to watch cartoons in the den? Or do you want to help me get your sister ready?” Mrs. Martin asked Kylie.

                Kylie looked at me unsurely. “I think cartoons would be good if you don’t mind,” I said.

                “Of course,” Mrs. Martin replied and set up Kylie in the den while Tyler lead me to a room that we were going to be preparing in.

                “So do I get to stay and watch?” Tyler asked wiggling his eyebrows.

                “Only if you need an ass-whooping,” I barked at him. He chuckled. “Thanks,” I added.

                “For what?” He asked.

                “For being my friend all these years even when I’ve been shut off lately. It’s just…complicated now and let’s just say I have trust issues,” I told him. He nodded.

                “I know you are uncomfortable talking about it but you need to do something about it Em. I know what’s happened and I won’t stand by if you don’t do something about it,” He said quietly.

                “I don’t know what you’re talking about,” I whispered but I saw the pain in his eyes. “I will. But you must have no part in this Ty. None,” I said in a low voice. He shook his head but I saw in his expression that he would back down a bit.

                Tyler’s mom came in then and shooed him out. In record timing she straightened my hair and put on my make-up for me. Then she held up a mirror in front of my face. I gasped when I saw my reflection. “You are gorgeous,” She said.

                “Thank-you so much!” I exclaimed. I changed into my dress and the make-up I was wearing made my eyes pop. “Thanks for everything,” I told her as sincerely as I could manage. I grabbed my graduation cap and gown and headed out to the living room.

                “Wow Ty!” I found myself saying when I saw him in a blue button down shirt and black dress pants. “Please tell me the reason why you wanted to know the color of my dress was because you wanted to color coordinate,” I begged. Tyler always wanted to coordinate with me when we were little. He shrugged now. I groaned.

                “Pictures!” Mrs. Martin exclaimed.

                “No!” Tyler and I practically yelled. We never enjoyed being the center of attention.

                “You look like mom,” Kylie said from the door. I smiled a little and walked over to her in my stilettos.

                “You’re prettier,” I told her. “Listen. Tyler and I have to go now but you will be coming to meet us with his parents in a little while. Are you going to be okay?” I asked her. She nodded. I kissed her forehead and then joined Tyler by the door.

                “Thanks again,” I told the Martins. They smiled and waved as Tyler and I left.

                We got to the school and time dragged on as we went through the rehearsal of the ceremony. Finally the actual ceremony started. I looked around for Kylie and found her sitting in between the Martins and talking to Tyler’s dad.

                “Congratulations class of 2012!” The principal announced. We all through our hats in the air and caught them. I hugged Tyler and that was big for me now a days.

                We went to a diner afterwards. I enjoyed it a little bit; especially when Tyler kept making Kylie grin from ear to ear. We stayed out for a while but eventually went back. “Tyler can I talk to you for a second?” I asked him when we got back to his house. He nodded and I lead him to his room.

                “You asked me before if I planned to do something. Well I plan on leaving,” I confessed.

                “What? When?” He questioned.

                “Tyler I’m telling you this to assure you I’ll be safe; not because I want you to stop me. I’m leaving tomorrow,” I said.

                “What about Kylie?” He inquired.

                “She’s coming with me of course. I would never leave her behind,” I told him. He ran his hands through his hair.

                “I don’t like this. You have to promise to call me at least once a week and if something happens you have to come back.” He said. I considered it for a moment.

                “I’ll try,” I responded at last. He pulled me in for another hug.

                We hung out at Tyler’s for a few hours. Kylie fell asleep on the couch next to me. “We’d better get home,” I told them as I got up and stretched. Tyler picked Kylie up. “What are you doing?” I asked him.

                “Taking you two home,” He answered. Tyler drove us back to my house. He actually helped me pack necessary things. “I swear Em. At least tell me how bad it is,” He demanded. I shook my head. “Where then?” He asked. I pointed to my cheek. Gently he brushed my cheek so that the make-up came off. He gasped and I turned away. “He’s dead,” Tyler said. I shook my head.

                “Tyler you need to promise me you won’t do anything,” I demanded. He shook his head. “Tyler. Promise.” I commanded. He looked me in the eyes and nodded. “Good. Now I love you but you have to go now,” I said. He nodded and I walked him out the door.

                When I got back upstairs I climbed into bed and fell asleep.

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