Jade Martin is a 19 year old who graduated from BCHS and is very emotional but lonely. Both of her parents have died, and the rest of her family have all passed away. The only family member she has left is her 3 year old sister, Maddie. But something tragic happens and causes her to run into One Direction.


1. The Accident

We were on our way home from the hospital mum had delivered Maddie.
"MUM, WATCH OUT!" I said.
Then everything was black. We were in still in the car when I woke up. I was in so much pain when I looked down and there was glass everywhere. In my legs and i had a couple scratches in my arm. Then I heard Maddie crying. I grabbed her and climbed out of the car. When I finally got out, I looked down and noticed that there was blood everywhere.
"Mum? Dad?" I called out. No answer.
I felt a tear run down my face. I grabbed my phone that was shattered but still worked. I called 911 and I explained what had happened and so they rushed there. When they arrived, they ran straight over to me and Maddie and asked if she was okay.
"She only had minor cuts but nothing major." I said.
Then, they looked down at me and saw my jacked up leg. They had took Maddie and after that I had blacked out because of the amount of blood loss. When I woke up I was in the hospital and had no clue where my parents were or Maddie. I had turned on the tv and saw we were all over the news and I couldn't believe it. I was astonished.....
I screamed, waking up and realized it was a nightmare of what happened the night our parents had died. I then couldn't believe how late it was. I rushed to Maddie's room she looked up and said "I hungry." I picked her up and carried her down stairs to fix her something to eat. Then soon after we went for a walk. As we were walking, I turned my head for a second and heard a piercing scream. I turned around and saw Maddie lay there. A tear ran down my face, the car had stopped, and at the time I put her head on my lap and out of the corner of my eye I saw 5 boys about my age run over.
The blonde headed one with an Irish accent said, "We are so sorry! We promise we'll pay for everything."
I looked up with tears running down my face, couldn't believe my eyes. It was all of the members of One Direction.
"Y-y-you are One Direction!" I said in awe.
"Yes, we are terribly sorry. We didn't see her." said Louis.
" Yes I know . It's fine. We need to get her to a hospital, now." I said.
I had looked in Liam's eyes and by that time I could see a tear run down his face. Harry had picked up Maddie to take her to the car. She was knocked out and there was blood everywhere. We all piled up in the van and took off for the hospital. Maddie was laying across Harry and Liam's legs. We had arrived at the hospital. Louis ran out of the car and went straight to the nurse, while Harry was carrying her. Liam was making sure I was fine and Zayn and Niall were holding the doors open for us. At that time Niall had have me a quick little sad smile. We got her in the room with all kinds of cords hooked up to her. I was still crying. I thought about the fact that my parents were killed in a car accident and that the only family member I had left, Maddie, could die too.

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